V68_COVER_LR3 Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon, Charlotte Rampling, Jane Fonda, Sigourney Weaver all have something in common and I'm wondering if this is a hinder or a help to us Fe-mortals. Is their age defying sexiness an inspiration or another reason to stare glumly at ones reflection, pondering if they in fact exist in a different gravity field from the rest of us.

I think they are an inspiration, these ladies are hot because they are confident, a wrinkle and a sag here or there does nothing to dent this, more to emphasise the experiences they have lived through and mark them down as the one you want to sit next to at a diner party. I'm really happy to see that V Magazine agree, with their 'Who Cares About Age Issue'. alexia inge

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Jane Fonda