OK, so this make up range is much loved by notoriously difficult bloggers. But I feel like I'm taking crazy pills - does no-one else find Edward Bess a little freaky? Looking at the image he chose for his homepage (see below, pictured with his 3 sisters) he looks rather like an extra from the Twilight series, posing with his next lunch.

Edward Bess

I have been inspired to write this by the insane amount of sycophantic twaddle twiddling its way round the super highways. All you read about in reviews of Edward's range is his aMAzing bone structure, charming manner, tumbling chestnut locks and background in modelling...not one word qualifying why. Why should we buy a range formulated by a boy, where are his beauty credentials other than being 'pretty' himself?

Where are the years of experience in the industry honing skills and understanding the needs of the women using his product? There are so many brands out there so much more qualified to receive such gushing praise. Bess' range, while good quality with easy to wear colours, is nothing unique. This idea has already been executed beautifully by Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and Trish McAvoy.

....Aaaand release bee from bonnet....alexia inge