lakeshine_396x222It's a jungle out there. But it needn't be a jungle...down there, thanks to a new type of bikini re-invention called "Vajazzling". Yes, we've all heard of the Hollywood, perhaps paid the odd visit to Brazil, but Swarowski!? Seriously?

Well...yes, is the answer to that one. Body art is back with a vengeance and apparently no-where is sacred when it comes to a trend. You can get your bits bedazzled and all it will cost is your dignity (which currently retails at around $50). Surely a small price to pay for a brand new, sparkling v-jazzle which will no doubt bring delight/horror to anyone fortunate enough to witness your efforts.

So if you are in NY and have a spare hour to kill, you can choose from a wide variety of designs which are painstakingly applied by a vag-ician, to transform your lady business into your lady beez-knees. What's not to love? (Apart from having the rug, well and truly pulled out from under you and rhinestones STUCK to your lady floorboards). verity douglas