Thirteen natural beauty companies have had a complaint filed against them over fake organic claims (including surprisingly Stella McCartney Care owned by LVMH and Jasön Pure Natural and Organic). A group of companies including Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Intelligent Nutrients, Organic Essence and the Organic Consumers Association have joined forces for a David & Goliath style challenge on lax controls over the definition of the word Organic. Some of these brands have the word in their name, yet don't have a single certified organic product in their formulation.

This is an incredibly important process for what is a relatively fledgling part of the beauty industry. It is important to maintain customer confidence and stop the 'Greenwash bandwagon' before it ruins things for companies who spend a lot of time and money ensuring their organic labelling means organic! "We're on the shelf competing with all this 'organic' noise," says David Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. "We're being harmed, any true organic firm is, and the consumer is being misled." Organic agriculture needs to be encouraged, not just for consumers, but for the planet. Our intensive chemical reliance is upsetting nature's balance in ways we don't yet fully understand. The decline of the honey bee being one of the first casualties and without them there is no agriculture or beauty industry! I have always been skeptical about the current state of 'Self-Regulation' that exists in the worldwide beauty industry, but in this case it appears to be working...Go David! alexia inge