clip_image0021New research confirms another reason why chocolate was given to us adoring earthlings. Now we have heard that dark chocolate (when scoffed regularly and in small amounts) lowers both blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But the great news according to The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology is that the flavinoids contained in High quality dark chocolate have an antioxidant power that also benefits the skin.

A recent German study indicated that the large dose of powerful antioxidants found in quality cocoa (329 milligrams per portion) not only enriched the skin but also offered some protection from harmful UV rays. Daily doses provided the following benefits to the skin:

- 25% reduction in UV light induced skin reddening compared to tests conducted before the study

- 16% increase in density

- 13% increase in moisturisation

- 11% increase in thickness

High quality dark chocolate also releases endorphins, those perky peptides that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Chocolate in a nutshell. alexia & olivia inge P.S. This is not to say that you shouldn't always wear suncream, chocolate body paint doesn't count!