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    BLEACH LONDONLip Kit Bruised Violet<p>Your fast-track to an effortlessly chic, statement lip, BLEACH London's luscious Lip Kits are totally transforming, letting you take pedestrian make up looks to enviable heights with a scribble of liner and a simple sweep of a wand. Combining matte lip &#8216;paint&#8217; and a matching liner, the ingenious formulas in each duo are non-drying and deliver a vivid, rich texture that dries to a stay-put matte finish. Choose from an array of spell-binding, out-there hues (from midnight &#8216;Text Me Black&#8217;, vibrant turquoise &#8216;Washed Up Mermaid&#8217; and deep rouge noir &#8216;Bruised Violet&#8217;) or opt for classic shades &#8211; from coral &#8216;Awkward Peach&#8217;, powder pink &#8216;Matte Le Blanc&#8217; and bright pink &#8216;Ros&#233;&#8217; to blushing brown &#8216;Gordon Brown&#8217; and timeless &#8216;I Saw Red&#8217;.&nbsp;Simply exfoliate lips, trace with liner, slick on a layer of lip paint and you&#8217;re good to go.</p>BLM002 Bruised Violet50605227201194 stars, based on23 reviews 12.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Lip Kit
    ( 2.5ml, 1.3g )

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    BLEACH LONDON Lip Kit Bruised Violet Mini Swatch
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    • Why it's Cult

      A moment on the lips, a lifetime being hip: this super-cool kit features matte lip paint and a matching liner for effortless chic. Impressively long-lasting, both slick on seamlessly and come in a spectrum of classic and bold shades that are far from shy and retiring. If you haven’t yet jumped aboard the current matte liquid lipstick obsession, these delectable formulas and head-turning hues will convert you in heartbeat.

    • Description

      Your fast-track to an effortlessly chic, statement lip, BLEACH London's luscious Lip Kits are totally transforming, letting you take pedestrian make up looks to enviable heights with a scribble of liner and a simple sweep of a wand. Combining matte lip ‘paint’ and a matching liner, the ingenious formulas in each duo are non-drying and deliver a vivid, rich texture that dries to a stay-put matte finish. Choose from an array of spell-binding, out-there hues (from midnight ‘Text Me Black’, vibrant turquoise ‘Washed Up Mermaid’ and deep rouge noir ‘Bruised Violet’) or opt for classic shades – from coral ‘Awkward Peach’, powder pink ‘Matte Le Blanc’ and bright pink ‘Rosé’ to blushing brown ‘Gordon Brown’ and timeless ‘I Saw Red’. Simply exfoliate lips, trace with liner, slick on a layer of lip paint and you’re good to go.

    • How to use

      Prep by exfoliating lips first. Trace with lip liner and apply one layer of lip paint.

    • Full ingredients list

      Isododecane, Polyisobutene, Nylon-12, Acrylates/Ethylhexylacrylamide Copolymer, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Dimethicone, Silica, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate, May Contain [+/- Mica, CI 15850, CI 16035, CI 19140, CI 42090, CI 45410, CI 73360, CI 77007, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77891]

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    BLEACH LONDON Lip Kit Reviews

    Awkward peach
    I am soooo disappointed with this product, I really was not expecting such a bad liquid lipstick from bleach London... The colour is really not what was advertised and the formula is streaky and weak in pigmentation. the only thing I appreciate is the lip liner as it is quite nice to wear on its own like a lipstick.
    Do not recommend
    Nothing close to the picture. The peach is very light, the lipstick is heavy on the lips and the lipliner almost colourless.
    A hit, and a miss.
    I’ve purchased 3 of the liquid lipsticks on 3 separate occasions and I’ll go through each one from Worst to Best; Matte Le Blanc - I was so disappointed, the lip liner didn’t match the colour of the liquid lip at all, it had a weird chemically smell (that I also got with Awkward Peach) and it would not last long once applied. It felt very tacky on the lips and would go chunky and come off in clumps only after 30 minutes of wear. The colour didn’t match what was shown on the box either; it is more like a light nude with pink undertones. Awkward Peach - I had been DYING ago get hold of this shade for so long and was finally able to purchase it at the start of this month. This shade confused me so much when it arrived. Once again it doesn’t look anything like the peach shade I fell for shown on the packaging, its almost like a pearlescent coral shade; much darker than what is shown on the packaging. It was as if someone who has never seen the colour peach before took a massive guess and made this shade. Once again this has a strange chemical smell to it and would flake off after 1-2 hours of wear (no eating or drinking.) Gordon Brown - this shade is the only reason I’m giving this review 4 Stars. It’s exactly what is shown on the packaging, dries down with no tackiness and can last for several hours even through drinking and eating. There’s no weird smell to this formula too which is an added bonus. I love this shade even though this was the one shade I wasn’t super desperate on getting (I purchased GB and MLB on a different site where they were doing a 2 for 1 and these were the only shades still in stock.) Some key points about these liquid lips: the formulas are not consistent at all, understandably there would be slight differences due to pigments but each one of these felt and performed like they were from 3 different brands. The lip pencils are ridiculously small and the packaging is super misleading. For the price point it is worth testing these out yourselves. I’m hoping I just got a bad batch. Just because 2 of these shades didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.
    In my package it was just matte lip paint, I am very disappointed. I don’t recommend it.
    Not a fan
    Ordered matte le blanc and is very pale and the lip liner does not match, ordered this thinking I’d get a deep nude colour.
    The texture is so nice and easy to work with, really stays on all day and doesn’t smudge. Doesn’t get dry during the day. Definitely worth the money!
    I was so disappointed with these! I bought Gordon Brown and Matt Le Blanc (partially because I thought the shade names were hilarious). Matt le Blanc, as others have said, is not at all true to colour. It’s very pale with peachy undertones. I can sort of pull it off but i was hoping for a deeper more pinky shade. Gordon brown is a really nice shade and I love it. However they are so so drying and peel up throughout the day. I’m going to try wearing them with a lip balm underneath to see if I can get them to work but if not it’s a real waste of money. The lip liners are horribly pigmented- they’re very hard and I find you have to really press down to get any payoff. Really disappointed since I’m quite a fan of Bleach London products - having used a number of their dyes and their mousse!
    awkward (not so) peach pictures arent true to colour
    Bought this thinking it was going to be a cute peachy colour like in the photo with a matte finish? The lip liner was bright neon looking coral orange pink thing and the liquid lip has a shimmer to it and is not at all a pale peachy colour like the picture in the photo above and on the box, but and again, a corally orangy tone which was dark and made me feel like Miranda Sings. Not worth the $20AUD I spent on it tbh. Could have been great but the pictures lie.
    Bruised Violet
    I love it. The colour is amazing and it stays all day long, and is not drying at all.
    I saw red
    Love. Love. Love. Loads of pigment - make sure you moisturise before re-application.
    Total Miss
    I didn't like anything about the lipstick. I Will not recommend it to anyone to purchase. I'm really disappointed, especially the was not what I had in mind/either similar to what I saw on the website.
    I Saw Red
    Have to say I'm a bit "meh" about the product. This girl I follow on Instagram was always raving about it, and for the price I reckoned why not. The three stars I'm giving it are for the nice cherry red colour and how matte it dries down, definitely helped by the matching lip liner it comes with.Two stars are being taken away by the absolute lack of longevity it has. Within half an hour of applying it, and eating a salad afterwards, most of it had worn away leaving me with an awkward lining around my lips. A greasy burger I could understand, but a SALAD is ridiculous. Saying that, I would definitely be curious to try out the other shades. All in all not terrible for the sale price, but not fantastic either
    Brown-Black women BEWARE. The Gordon Brown color is NOT brown.
    I'm a black woman, about the same complexion as the model on the packaging (slightly lighter), that's why I thought this would suit me. BUT this definitely NOT the same color she is wearing. This more of a lighter nude (for someone who's skin olive-toned or lighter). This is NOT BROWN. Waste of money.
    Longest Lasting Lip Ever...
    I have the shade Rose Bleach and it's CRAZY how long it lasts. I'm not sure if the formula varies from shade to shade based on the other reviews, but I'm not kidding, this is the longest lasting lip color I've EVER USED, including in comparison to the high end/luxury brands. It's genuinely shocking for the price, and it didn't feel drying at all on the lips. About to purchase more shades now!
    I purchased the shade Matt le Blanc and it is the worst liquid lipstick I have tried. It is chunky and horrible, it applies patchy and it’s not a nude colour it’s a horrible peach, I have a pale complexion so I usually wear peach but it made me look like I didn’t have any lips, the lip pencil was non-exist, the product swatched well on my hand but it applies terribly on the lip. Don’t waste your money on this shade, there are so many other good products for the same price.
    I'm normally really picky when it comes to lip kits etc. This is a must have I ordered the awkward peach and it's amazing! Applied early in the morning lasts ALL day. Doesn't dry or leave a line of dried up product like most do. Will definitely be buying more colours.
    I like them
    I have Matte Leblanc, Text Me Black, I Saw Red and Washed Out Mermaid. Personally, I love these shades (Matte Leblanc as well, even if it’s not exactly the colour shown in the pictures but it’s much lighter), and they’re not drying at all, I actually add layers on layers during the day and they still don’t feel bad on the lips. Unfortunately, the pencils are not really good, at first they’re quite hard, and the lipsticks are not really that long-lasting, even if worn with the pencil underneath. They usually start to fade away after I drink or eat or smoke. Still, I think they’re quite good for their price.
    Matte Le Blanc
    Bought in above shade - colour is not the same as the pic at all - lip liner is a peach colour and the lipstick is a pale nude - do not match. I was expecting the colour to be a really nice neutral pink. Would have given it one star but it has really staying power which is a positive.
    Matte le blanc
    Was excited for this to arrive but was so disappointed - colour is absolutely NOTHING like the picture on here. Genuinely looks like I've smeared a foundation lighter than my already very light skin tone on my lips. Only plus is the lip pencil which fortunately goes with some of my lighter pinks - definitely doesn't match the lipstick provided. For 12 pound I didn't expect the most amazing quality but for the colour to at least match the picture provided? Pretty gutted cos I love this brand.
    Amazing shade collection
    Used this, it didn't move from my lips for 1 full day. No need to reapply.
    Strange, but fine
    Bruised Violet applies in layers, not opaque, with some patchiness. It's difficult to work with. Pencil is good though. Gordon brown pencil doesn't work at all. Lip paint is good. Nice color, good coverage, but it didn't survive the meal. Фиолетовая сильно плешивит и слоится, полное мучение. Коричневая норм, приятная, легко наносится
    Pretty colour...
    The only issue I have with this formula is that it's very drying, but if you prep your lips well (exfoliate+moisturize) then you'll be fine.
    Durable and really pigmented
    Text Me Black is the best matte black I’ve ever used. It applies well with no streaks and as long as you wait for it to dry for a bit it stays on for so long and looks so matte!
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