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    BLEACH LondonHair Elixir<p>Just one pipette full of BLEACH London&#8217;s luxurious Hair Elixir will transform even the driest ends with smoothing, soothing hair salvation. Enriched with softening avocado oil, the serum offers rich conditioning and essential nourishment to leave hair silky, shiny and strong. Swiftly absorbing into thirsty strands, the formula doesn&#8217;t weigh hair down or leave residue and can be used on both damp and dry hair. Like the entire BLEACH London line, it&#8217;s also completely cruelty-free and vegan &#8211; just another reason to love this innovative brand.</p>BLM0381319950605227214825 stars, based on28 reviews 6.00Cult BeautyNew
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    BLEACH London Hair Elixir

    BLEACH London
    Hair Elixir
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      A luxurious elixir, this avocado oil-based serum will quench drier than dry ends and offer soothing, smoothing salvation to even the most stressed-out strands. Ultra-absorbent, the formula swiftly imparts enviable silky shine without weighing hair down or leaving residue – what more could we ask for…

    • Description

      Just one pipette full of BLEACH London’s luxurious Hair Elixir will transform even the driest ends with smoothing, soothing hair salvation. Enriched with softening avocado oil, the serum offers rich conditioning and essential nourishment to leave hair silky, shiny and strong. Swiftly absorbing into thirsty strands, the formula doesn’t weigh hair down or leave residue and can be used on both damp and dry hair. Like the entire BLEACH London line, it’s also completely cruelty-free and vegan – just another reason to love this innovative brand.

    • How to use

      Squeeze one full pipette of HAIR ELIXIR onto palms of hands, rub together and gently stroke onto damp or dry hair in a downwards motion, concentrating on the mid lengths and ends. Use more for long or thick hair. Style as desired. 100% allergen and paraben free.

    • Full ingredients list

      Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Propylene Glycol Dibenzoate, Parfum (Fragrance), Tocopherol, Coumarin, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Limonene, Dipropylene Glycol

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    BLEACH London - Hair Elixir

    BLEACH London Hair Elixir Reviews

    Hair Elixer
    Absolutely love this , I have very long hair which can get a bit dry at the ends, 1 drop of this and your hair simply glows. Son has quite brittle hair and this stuff tames it, it leaves it shining.
    Poor packaging and messy application
    The serum itself is fine, you get what you pay for, but the bottle and pipette makes for a very messy leaky application with lots of wasted product
    I have oily hair and dry ends. It's hydrating without adding weight to your hair.
    Great for bleached hair
    This product has been great for keeping my hair silky and smooth after a full head of bleach. I notice a significant difference in texture when this isn't part of my routine. Great value for money!
    OMG, I have been searching for something like this. Since my last bleach at the salon, my hair has been fried. It’s been crispy, nothing will add moisture and softness and I have despaired. I highly recommend this. I have short (now, had to!) fine hair which is baby pink. I guess if you add the whole bottle, or your hair isn’t the target market (mine is!) then it may get greasy. Mine just comes out baby soft again, it’s not knotty but just smooth. I add a few drops, then some more. The night before a wash I add a lot more and sleep in it. Cannot recommend enough for those who have been bleaching bleaching bleaching! I also use the bleach London rose shampoo and conditioner which are great too. Go on, try it.
    I use just a little amount at a time, it's very nice, makes my hair soft and feels good. But after a day or 2 if I don't wash my hair it makes it feel oily.
    Best hair oil
    Most hair oils, despite me having thick dry hair, seem to drown my hair, but this is a dream, you only need a tiny bit, it also smells amazing.
    It's nice it doesn't leave my hair sticky or heavy feeling, it slightly smooths my hair but doesn't think it does very else much in all honesty. It's very cheap and it's fine.
    Thin, colour treated hair. Frizzy and dry. Was hoping to reduce frizz and leave hair smooth. Hair just eats the serum and it does absolutely nothing. I apply a full pipette all over hair. Using it about 2-3 month. Same result every time.
    I can not praise this product enough, it has changed my hair game completely and I never go anywhere without this. I just can not deal with my hair unless I have this. My curly, frizzy, dry, hard to handle-hair has turned into shiny, healthy, soft, beautifully curly hair that is easy to style. I use this to my damp hair after every wash and sometimes add a little bit to my dry hair as well. I can easily use 5-7 drops when my hair is damp, but it never gives my a greasy or sticky finish! I L O V E IT!
    More than a serum
    Very hydrating! It makes my hair soft and not greasy at all. I also discovered that it is great for hydrating my scalp. I rub it between my hands and massage it into my scalp and lenghts. It reduces frizz in my hair and relieves itching on my scalp. AMAZING!
    It's good
    I like it, it leaves hair nice and soft, silky not greasy. Not a fan of the super floral fragrance, but if you're into it you'll dig it!
    Another great product!
    So this is another great product of Bleach London. I really like it, it smooths my hair, leaves it shiny and nice, the ONLY downside of this product, and this is absolutely a reference thing, is the smell...I just don't care for the smell. BUT beside from that, it is really great!
    A must have
    Really a must have for your ends. I use every single day and it makes my hair softer and more groomed. I'm onto my third bottle already.
    My BFF
    Hair Elixir is a godsend. My ends are so, so damaged by the ridiculous amount of times I've bleached/recoloured my hair -- this product really helps to smooth them out and make them look less gnarly. It also smells great!
    Awesome product!!!
    I tried this oil for the first time three years ago and I haven't been without it since! It has this amazing ability to take away frizz without being heavy. It smells gorgeous and does what it says on the bottle and more!!! My hair has taken a battering over the years, from long jet black gothic locks to a flamingo pink bob and a red Mohican that was held in ace with my dad's wood glue! (I do not recommend this!) So not only am I thankful to my lovely hair for sticking around but this hair elixir works wonders, so thank you Bleach London, from my barnet and me!!! xxx
    Silicone Based
    This is cheap for a reason. I have bleached curly hair - so I can really tell if a hair oil works or not. This realllllly does not, it just feels like its coating my hair and in all honesty, feels exactly the same as my Ordinary skin primer. After reading the ingredients, I realize that the first two & 4th ingredients are silicones. the 3rd is avocado oil, and the rest is perfume & scent additives. Silicone doesn't actually treat or fix hair issues such as dryness, damage etc, but rather just coats. I should have read the ingredients before purchasing really, but I desperately wanted to find affordable hair oil. I urge you to google the ingredients, you will see there isn't really anything beneficial here apart from some avocado oil, you're better off just buying avocado oil in that respect. I find this just creates product build up and makes the ends of my hair even dryer! I really recommend investing in a better hair oil if you have bleached or damaged hair - the Olaplex oil & Kevin Murphy have been the best I have used so far. I guess if you have straight non dyed hair this product would be ok if you wash your hair very regularly. Myself with bleached curly hair only wash twice a week which means that putting this product on every day is building up and drying out my ends, the opposite of what oil is supposed to do
    ***English Translation*** - I had a discoloration and I dyed my hair, after all this I had the dry lengths and this oil has completely transformed them, the day after the application are even softer. It is not greasy and has a fantastic fragrance
    Dream product
    I have normal and usually soft hair that was getting dry and brittle due to the summer heat combined with styling tools. One use of this instantly soothed and softened my ends, and the next day it was even softer! It didn't leave my hair feeling greasy or weighed down either. It smells amazing too! Amazing value, considering I was looking at treatments that were five times the price!
    For the price and the size of a product, it works fine. Not greasy at all and has a nice smell, good to apply after styling hair.
    So good!
    I usually get my hair straight once/twice a week which makes my ends to split a lot due to the heating. But since I bought this serum I can see a major difference in my hair. After straightening it I put the serum and my hair looks super healthy and shiny. I haven’t had any slipt ends ever since.
    Great product, works well on my hair. Super price.
    Great product
    Such good value for money. As good as any similar product with a far higher price tag. Will be trying more from Bleach London.
    Decent for the price
    Great for instant smoothness and getting a brush through tangles but haven’t noticed any lasting results/improvement in condition.
    I use one pipette on my thick long hair, massage it really well and it leaves my hair super smooth. The effects are especially noticeable if I straighten my hair.
    Love it!
    Just used it once and it changed my damaged, bleached hair and made it really smooth. Absolutely LOVE it!
    Wish it was more hydrating!
    It smells DIVINE. It also does a great job smoothing out my frizzed ends and gives a boost of shine. I wish it hydrated a bit more! Asian hair doesn't seem to soak this oil up best.
    Just wow
    Was very sceptical about this bit once I tried I became a true fan. Just 2 drops of this serum help to brush the most coarse and heavy hair. Smooth operator.
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