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    BADgal BANG Mascara
    It's a NO from me
    Extremely wet, doesn't hold any curl, clumps up so fast and flakes to the cheeks. I tried removing all of the excesses before applying but didn't help. And so difficult to remove. I really wanted to love this!
    Panda eyes
    This mascara does such good things for my lashes. They always have a curl and volume but gives me panda eyes so quickly! Such a shame as other than that it would 5 stars.
    Best mascara
    This mascara is amazing it’s probably the best mascara I’ve used in years it holds an amazing curl to my lashes and makes them look so long and voluminous and the travel size is amazing because it lasts so long and is more affordable so would definitely recommend to anyone on a lower budget xx
    Best mascara ever
    After trying multiple mascaras, I found my holy grail - I love the effect it gives! Lashes are long, with loth of volume, it doesn’t flake or smudge. Some might say it gives the spider lash look, but I like it if it comes with length - and here it definitely does.
    I’m very glad I only bought this in the travel size as it doesn’t live up to the hype at all. The formulation is very, very, wet so transfers quickly, leaving semi circle dots on eyelids and cheekbones. Strangely though, despite being so wet, it clumps rapidly on lashes as one coat does little so a second is needed. Doesn’t feel significantly more lightweight than other formulations either, but the worst thing is that it’s incredibly difficult to remove. I tried soap, micellar/oil remover and facial oil and then just gave up for the sake of saving my eyelashes. I would not recommend this product or at least would strongly suggest you try a bit at a counter, see how it wears AND washes for you, and then decide.
    lacks on curl
    I find my eyelashes are typically average length, but without much curl. I need a mascara which will give and hold a curl. This mascara HOLDs curl, but as far as giving my lashes an upward boost, it lacks. I do like the formula, big lashes in an instant! But with so much product on the brush, I simply can't afford to slowly build up the curl by pushing my lashes against the brush like I can with my others. I'll just end up with a big clumpy mess. I think I'm looking forward to this drying out a little, as at the moment its perhaps too much product all at once. So basically, I suppose its time to buy an eyelash curler!
    Love this mascara
    The first time I tried the mascara I loved it! I wear it every day now and it’s definitely my new favourite - sorry roller lash! it was delivered super quickly and I couldn’t have asked for better service.
    Best Mascara Ever!!
    I’m so glad that I’ve purchased this mascara! Literally magic in a bottle!! Not only does it make my lashes look absolutely stunning and provide crazy volume! This mascara completely transforms my lashes from short, stubby nothingness to looking like I’m wearing false lashes!! Benefit definitely hit the nail on the head with the space comparison as my lashes really do look otherworldly! I really cannot praise this product highly enough! I’ve seen some reviews complaining about clumping, however, I’ve not had that experience at all! This is honestly the best mascara I have ever used in my life! Bad gal bang has already become my holy grail and will forever have a place to stay in my makeup collection!
    This Time, Believe The Hype
    Benefit have received some backlash over the launch of this mascara, it seems that one can hype a launch too much. And this is a shame because this mascara is actually my favourite from the Benefit range and I'm starting to think this will make it to my top 5 (I don't say this lightly of course and this sort of philosophical question takes time to ponder but it's a contender). I've always prefered a brush to a molded wand, but this particular mould is brilliant. I have deep-set eyes and the tapered brush shape means you don't end up smudging the jet black goop all over your upper lid and the light-touch flexibility of the head means the brush seems to flex to exactly the right angle as you wiggle it up from base to tip. Having blond eyelashes means you need to wiggle a lot at the base of the lash so you don't get 'roots'. The 'space technology' wording all over their marketing is annoying and feels a little patronising, but the formula is quite special. It thickens your lashes in a couple of brush strokes, yet doesn't feel heavy to wear (who knew I'd been wearing heavy mascara all this time!) which helps your lashes hold a curl. This doesn't come off easily, a good thing throughout the day but not great at night. I need to up my make up remover game now because I love the effects this mascara brings. Once to foror dies down around the launch I think people will start to celebrate this new addition to the range as a bit of a triumph. Apparently we SHOULD believe the hype in this case. A rarity.
    Big Lashes!!
    New favourite mascara! There is a fair bit of product on the brush so you can easily build up the volume and length by stroking through lashes a number of times. I was surprised by how long my lashes were- some serious impact! Its taken over from They're Real for me.