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    Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter
    Beautiful highlight!
    This was my first ever Becca product, and after reading reviews and seeing swatches I couldn’t wait to try the champagne pop shade. This nightlight is such a beautiful shade. Doesn’t make your face look cakey or like your eyeshadow has dropped down onto your cheeks. Easy to build if you’re wanting that blinding highlight or just a subtle glow.
    Stunning, but a bit too glittery
    I ordered this highlighter in the shade Champagne Pop. It was a bit too glittery to my taste, but when applied with a dense brush and finishing off with a setting spray, it will melt down to the skin. Highly recommend, I get so many compliments when wearing this.
    Moonstone on fair skin
    I held off on buying one of the Becca highlighters for so long because of the price, but I wish I’d bought one sooner. I purchased moonstone and I’m amazed, my skin looks so radiant whenever I use it. As soon as I tried this I immediately ordered another in the shade champagne pop.
    Champagne Pop
    Absolutely gorgeous.
    Best highlighter ever, it applies like a dream. Not too shiny, not too subtle. Just wonderful!
    champagne pop
    Best highlighter ever! I've used many other high end brands however always end up coming back to my Becca highlighter! The glow it gives is amazing without looking overdone.
    I bought Vanilla Quartz and the packaging is so pretty <3 I haven't tried it out on my face yet but I think this colour will be matched for my fair skin tone as well because it doesn't too yellowish for me.
    Opal, the ultimate glow.
    Stunning. I've also converted a couple of friends to this shade too. The shade is on the cooler shades of highlighters but suits my NC30 skintone and goes with almost any make up look! I wouldn't be without this now.
    Lilac Geode
    One of the best formulas on the market.
    I love this highlighter, I bought opal and it just gives me such a nice glow! It's not too in your face, and I like that's its a pressed product, there is hardly any fallout, and just applies like butter on my skin!
    Moonstone - Fair Skin
    I was impressed with this product, as having very fair skin I was concerned the gold colour may be too dark, however it turned out being the perfect shade. However, I would have liked it to be a little more 'blinding', as I have found I need to use rather a lot of product to achieve a visible glow.
    Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed
    I bought the shade opal and honestly I don’t know if I just got a bad one but it was so chalky and looked as though I had a white smudge on my face I choose this shade because I’m as pale as it gets very disappointed with it.
    Gorgeous Glow
    As a fair skinned person it is hard for me to find a highlighter that doesn't leave a strange cast of my cheekbones. Pearl is the perfect shade for me and catches the light perfectly for what I want in my highlighter. I also really like that it can be used dry or wet depending on the intensity you want. Really really pleased with this purchase and will definitely be re-purchasing.
    I received a special size of the “opal” shade in my goody bag and it’s so amazing with great staying power.
    Perfect shine!
    I really like this highlighter, I bought opal, champagne pop and moonstone! And all of these are really amazing. My favorite is opal it’s good for all skin tones and makes your face look very fresh! Becca cosmetics are number 1 for me!
    Beautifully formulated
    I got the shade Opal and it is perfection. And so versatile. You can build it up to full intensity and have a striking highlight but you can also use a light hand and go for a natural glow, it is just absolutely stunning.
    Lilac geode
    I really like it. It is stunning. Nice colour, great pigmentation and it lasts really long.
    If you don't know what color to get then get Opal and this baby will last you a while. Great formula and worth your money.
    One of the best ✨
    As a highlighter junkie I've tried almost everything out there and I still keep this one close by at all times. The formula is sooo fine and silky, Glides onto the skin and gives such a beautiful glow <3 used wet and its brighter than a light bulb but looks as though its radiating from your skin rather than powder sitting on top. I use champagne pop and it is the PERFECT Shade for my warm medium skin tone, not too beige, not too gold. Opal is also beautiful but leaves a dark cast on my cheekbones so I use it as a gradient shade and blend it between my main highlight and contour. Obsessed with the finish. Defiantly a staple product for me.
    I got prosecco pop shade as a sample and it is the best highlighter I've ever owned. Very pigmented, long lasting and smooth. Recommend for sure.
    In love
    I have pale skin and was quite scared when I ordered the shade opal just because had similar lighter shades from other brands and wanted different. Glad I went for it, I am absolutely in love, it blends so easy and gives me such a gorgeous glow. Worth the money.
    Fair Skin Perfection
    I have very light skin so I decided to go with Moonstone and I love it.. It such a nice formula and look stunning on my fair skin. It applies beautifully with any brush really, I like using fan brushes but also brushes like the ABH brush for highlight - everything works with this gorgeous highlighter
    Best highlighter!!!
    This is the best highlighter I've ever used!!!! I bought opal about a year ago, some people may argue that it's too expensive but my response is it's lasted a good year and and the quality of the product is amazing.. the glow!!! The glow it gives you is like no other. I wear mine every single day and I'm not shy when putting it on either! It's lasted me so long, the texture is beautiful. Easily glides on and leaves that blinding glow. I can not rave about this product enough it's amazing, I used opal which is the most beautiful shade. You will not be disappointed.. well worth the cash! I wish I could thank becca cosmetics personally, that's how much I love this highlighter they have got it so right and it gives me life when I apply my highlighter I'm that in love with it. Thanks becca cosmetics.
    the perfect glow
    I am from Germany, and I bought this fantastic highlighter on Cult Beauty. it gives me a healthy all day glow. Sometimes I wear it without makeup - only this. I have a dark golden undertone, it's perfect and looks natural.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Beautiful shade for any skin tone. I have a light/olive complexion and this gives a lovely bronzed glow, reminds me of being on holiday.
    Moonstone disappointment
    I'm probably only person disliking this product. I don't know if I just got one from bad batch. I tried to make it work in several ways, no difference. Highlighter hardly shows up, is extremely powdery with huge kick off and emphasize skin texture without any noticeable glow. Disappointment for me considering its price and the hype. 2 stars only because of packaging.
    Perfect Pearl
    I have very fair and pale skin so it's quite unbelievable that anything could actually ‘light it up’ but this highlighter does. I find it’s best applied using my fingers, actually. It is quite white, so if your skin tone is not pinkish-pale then this will probably be too white for you. But it’s absolutely fantastic that there is a product out there that can bring shimmer and glow even to pale skin. And it stays on for the entire day.
    Opal is just jaw-dropping!!!
    I own many highlighters but I always seem to come back to this one. I especially prefer to use this if I know I will have a photograph taken that day such as at weddings or events. It glides on beautifully and I barely have to dip my brush into it because of how pigmented it is. It works well with any kind of brush and even fingers will do the trick. It isn't chunky or chalky or glittery at all - just perfectly blinding with the most seamless finish. I love it.
    Pearl doesn't live up to expectations..
    I have this in Moonstone which is gorgeous and amazing in every way, and even suits my super pale skin tone. I bought Pearl hoping that a white/silver would be even more complimentary on me than the gold of Moonstone. Unfortunately, while beautiful in the packaging, Pearl does not sit the same on the skin. It has a lot more glitter in it and for some reason just doesn't glide onto the skin very nicely, even using the M310 brush which works wonders usually. With all this complaining though, I can't deny that the colour (or lack of!) is lovely; it just doesn't compare to the quality of the other shades. I do feel like I've wasted my money on this one.
    I have champagne pop, moonstone and opal and all are gorgeously pigmented and I always get compliments when I wear them. Champagne pop in particular is AMAZING (but breaks VERY easily, not suitable for travelling. Mine has smashed three times now). I rate it 5 stars because the product is faultless
    OMG Opal!
    OMG this highlighter is to die for!!! I totally understand why people are obsessed with this now! It's absolutely beautiful and I would recommend this to everyone. It's definitely worth the price!
    I must be the only person who doesn't like this. I got it in champagne pop which is a beautiful colour with nc40 skin tone, however it takes so many swipes to show any pigment, and it looks powdery, and hardly glows.
    Super Glow!
    Perfect highlight! Just a few swipes and you'll glow like a diamond! Definately worth the hype!
    Perfect on fair skin
    I have these in Pearl, Moonstone and Opal. I use each of them a little differently. I have very fair skin, and the Pearl is perfect for under my eye area at the outer edge to brighten it up. The Moonstone is probably the most versatile and least detectable on my skin. It just has a natural looking glow. I only use Opal in the summer and it makes my skin look beautiful with just a little primer and concealer. I will definitely repurchase all three.
    Moonstone and Pearl Highlighters
    Beautiful colours with a great shimmer, can be worn natural or worked up for a brilliant shine. Moonstone is a must have and far outshines Pearl for me, even though I have very fair white skin. Moonstone has a natural glowy look while Pearl was more silver than white in certain lighting. Only four stars because I hate the smell of the product.
    Champagne Pop & Pearl
    I originally brought champagne pop - massive Jaclyn fan and the colour looked amazing. For the summer time, this shade was perfect but found it looked a little too golden for my pale winter skin so I decided to go in for a slightly lighter shade. I did not intend to get pearl (I wanted moonstone but it was all sold out!) but I'm so glad that I did. Used with a fan brush this pale shade gives the perfect lit from within glow. I won't lie - unless you're porcelain white, you can't pack pearl on as you will look ashy. But used lightly this shade sheers out beautifully and I've been loving adding it to the very very high points of my cheeks over a deeper toned highlight.
    T H E B E S T
    I now have 3 of these and I adore them! Just recently I bought Opal. I always thought this was too dark as I'm very fair but it totally isn't, I now prefere it to Moonstone. I love the texture and glow of these, they are just so buttery and pretty much the only highlighters I ever use.
    I am a self confessed highlighter freak. I must have at least 20 creams/powders/gels (and of course that number just keeps on growing!) and this has to be one of my favourites. I use a huge LED-lit magnifying mirror for makeup and the first time I put it on, I was like, maybe the colour is too strong and the shininess unnatural? But when I flipped the mirror round to the normal side, and looked at myself in the sunlight I was amazed. It makes you look like you have totally glowy skin, not "highlighted skin"!! I am hooked and now want all of them. All. Of. Them!
    I have two of these in pearl and moonstone and I don't regret buying either! I have very fair skin but actually prefer moonstone as it's more everyday than pearl (though I love both). I will say that if you don't like a strong highlight I would give these a miss, as though they are buildable they are extremely pigmented. I can't wait to try the poured version!
    I got this highlighter after watching a youtuber using it, I am always amazed at how little you need and how well it goes on and looks. I use it with the Zeova fan brush and it goes on perfectly. I have the shade opal.
    HG highlighter
    I'm quite fair so selected pearl and did not regret it! The other shades are too dark for me, so I would recommend having a play in store if you can first. This gives the most amazing sheen. Be careful with this though. I dropped mine and part of the product broke off. I'm still using the rest though and haven't made a dent, it lasts for ages.
    Great highlighter
    I have this in Pearl, Moonlight, and Champagne pop. They are great highlighters. If you dust on the TINIEST amount, this may give more 'subtle' glow, but these highlighters are definitely more for a 'statement' glow rather than a 'natural' sort of glow. 1 pan would probably last you a lifetime. I haven't made a dent in mine for a few months.
    Beautiful, but...
    I LOVE the shade Pearl for my fair skin, it's one of the only dramatic highlighters light enough for me. HOWEVER, I have owned two and both times I have opened up my makeup bag to find them smashed, and I am not rough with my makeup AT ALL. I just feel like the formula is too fragile, but the highlight itself is stunning.
    Have the colour moonstone, is ok but isnt as good as my benefits watts up as its more creamy and better texture. Find it difficult to apply as if too much difficult to blend and looks cheap. Better ones out there and best to have one with creamy consistency as blend for natural finish than powders
    I wanted to try a high end highlighter and try the BECCA highlighter after hearing such good things about it. I was really excited when this was delivered to my house and I swatched it and it looked amazing.. I then applied it with a fan brush and couldn't even tell it was on.. In my opinion it's not very pigmented as some lower end drugstore highlighters! However it does have a nice sheen and sparkle to it but overall I was quite disappointed with this product as I had hoped it would be more visable. I also tried applying with my fingers which helped but still would buy a drugstore highlighter over this product. (I got the shade opal)
    Worth every penny!
    I was saving up for this and it's completely worth it. I got champagne pop and moonstone. Opal is next on my list. I'm so happy with the pigmentation and application of these! They're so perfect for day to day wear or to go all out. Love them!
    Ordered this yesterday & it arrived today! So happy with this product.
    So pigmented
    I'm in love with the pearl highlighter shade, it's so perfect for my fair complexion and can also be applied as an eyeshadow or in the inner corner, it's simply amazing
    This is very beautiful highlighter! Suits for my fair skin. Only need a little so this will last forever.
    Clever, clever product
    I don't usually write reviews and I am generally hugely sceptical about the claims made by brands about beauty products, but after months of cancer treatment and feeling in need of a pick-me-up, I decided to give in to the hype and buy BECCA's opal illuminator. What a glorious product this is. It has totally transformed my appearance giving my skin a soft luminosity and 'just back from the beach' glow. I really really look healthy wearing this stuff! Pure magic in a compact.
    The best there is...
    I am obsessed with these highlighters, they're so creamy and buildable. I do avoid coming too low and doing the apples of my cheeks as if you have been blessed with great big pores like I have, highlighter is not your friend. I have pearl for my more cool tone make up looks and champagne pop for warmer ones, or I just do as many of the bloggers do and mix them! They are brilliant and last aggggeeessss.
    Wow... OMG
    I ordered the Becca shimmering skin perfect or in opal and words cannot express what I saw. It totally blew me away. I have the Bobby Brown shimmer in bronze & have worn this for years but now......I have a new favourite. You only need a tiny amount to see a major effect on the areas highlighted. You really have to see it yourself to believe it!
    After obsessing over youtubers and bloggers I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for pearl (and champagne pop) and I can honestly say it is the best addition to my makeup bag ever. Pearl is perfect for my pale complexion, as problems in the past I've had with highlighters is that they make me look dirty, or ashy, this is like a glow from within, and totally buildable so you can be seen from the moon is that's the look you're going for. A few people have also asked what I'm wearing for my 'glow' when I wear this. invest, I can't wait to purchase Moonstone.
    Beautiful Moonstone
    Moonstone looks beautiful on my extremely pale skin. Will last forever as well - it's a challenge to get through the whole pan.
    Opal is the dream
    This highlighter is absolutely outstanding. I was worried Opal would be too dark as I am light skinned with yellow undertones however it is absolutely PERFECT. It's completely buildable and you can get a highlight visible from space with this stuff - it's like liquid gold. Goes on like buttery, it's not cakey and it glides over Double Wear foundation which can sometimes be difficult to work with. If you are swaying whether or not to buy this trust won't regret it !
    Opal is perfect
    After seeing this highlighter raved about everywhere, I finally bit the bullet and purchased opal (and champagne pop) as a treat for acing my exams. I feel like I have to mention the size because i was surprised at how small they actually were in comparison to pictures online. however there is enough product to last a long time as the smallest amount goes a long way. I love these and will definitely be purchasing moonstone pressed and opal liquid this summer.
    Pearl ~ omg !!!
    Everything perfect about this product on Cult Beauty!! Great packaging, very fast delivery, thanks xxx
    Omg!! Perfect
    First of all Cult Beauty's shipping speed is insane fast!!! Thank you so much!!! Beautiful highlighter I got it in Moonstone and it's perfect for my fair/medium skin it's so glowing on my skin but not glittery like from within!! Absolutely love it!!
    Best Highlighter
    I got opal because I felt it would suit my medium deep skin tone best and it matches perfectly, it glowy without being shimmery or glittery which unfortunately the ABH one that I got looks on me. I'm very happy with this one, it is pricey but it is worth it and I hope it doesn't shatter.
    Opal.. AMAZING!
    After seeing this highlighter recommended a lot on YouTube, I decided to invest.. Now it's my favourite product! I use Opal as I'm fair but fake tan for the weekends, it looks perfect when I'm paler and after I've tanned. It's very buttery and even the smallest amount totally shines. I love my highlighters and this is my best one yet.. Would 100% recommend!
    So Beaut
    I purchased this highlight in Opal and my looks so gorgeous on my mixed race skin! I like my makeup quite natural and was worried it would be too intense, but it's very blendable and soft. Other reviews on here have stated the product itself is fragile but I've had no problems, just keep the bubble wrap and box and pop it in there when travelling. I've got my eyes on the liquid shimmering skin perfector next!
    Lovely but fragile
    This leaves an absolutley BEAUTIFUL shimmer on the skin! Looks quite natural also and almost seems to have no colour to it on the skin, just a lovely glow. It is however very fragile and mine broke up in the compact within a few days, and now dust escapes from around the edges and is quite hard to handle - so you'll have to be very careful if you plan to bring it around with you or in your makeup bag!
    Opal > Champagne Pop / For Fair Skin
    I got the holiday set that contains liquid and pressed Opal from Cult Beauty. I'm gonna have to purchase the full size because Opal is such a unique and pretty shade even for my fair skin. I always thought it would pull a little bronzy and deeper on me but no,just perfect. Champagne pop pulled quite dark, yellow and dull on me though so I regret purchasing it instead of Opal in the first place. Opal is more like Hourglass Dim Light powder on steroids. In fact, I pair them for a mesmerizing look.
    HG Highlighter
    (Moonstone)I LOVE this highlighter!!!I talked myself into buying it, it worked out at almost 40 euros so definitely an investment, but I am delighted with it!!I have always shied away from highlighters as I often find them glittery and chunky and I don't want to go around looking like I threw a glitter party on my face, so I was a bit apprehensive when this arrived. The packaging is beautiful and very luxe, and the product itself is the stuff of dreams (or mine, anyway) No glitter, no shine. Dusting some on the cheekbones and nose gives this lit from within, candlelight glow that is just AMAZING! I adore this and will buy again in a heartbeat when I run out (although I don't see this happening soon as it's pretty big). I definitely would like to try the other shades, mainly Opal and Rose Gold:)
    I purchased both moonstone and rose gold - I loved of them.They are very pigmented and have buttery texture. You really need to have a light hand when putting them on as they can accentuate pores on the skin. Moonstone creates a lovely glow on the cheeks may be suitable for fair to medium, medium tan skin tones. I think rose gold may suit all medium to dark skin tones it is beautiful too...I have loved all Becca highlighters, can't wait to purchase Opal when it's back in stock!
    It's so smooth and not chunky at all! So beautiful on my skin.
    Melts like butter!
    Looks scarily glittery when opened but dissolves into a soft glowy hue when applied on face. Can put it all over with a very soft large powder brush to give a soft finish & also applied as a blusher & highlighter with more dense brushes for more pigment on the cheek area. I started off with moonstone but then bought all the colours as loved it so much !
    Such a great product!
    I was looking for a highlighter that gave a very subtle sheen for that barely there look and this product is perfect! I think its how fine the powder is but its great. I would definitely recommend it!
    Absolutely stunning product it looks really scary dark in the package when when applied its a dream. I bought the shade rose gold. My new holy grail highlight!
    Loved this product!
    This was my first experience with Becca products in general and my first purchase on First about the product: I Loooooovvvvveedd it. I have really fair skin and I use this "moonstone" to highlight my face and it just works wonders! It is very easy to use and I think that I'll have this for a while, because you don't need to use a lot of it. It stays on all day and is even great to use in the inner crease and browbone! Now about I live in Denmark, so I was expecting a bit of a wait for my products, but they arrived sooo quickly. Great prices and selection! I am already planning my next purchase.
    Highlight on fleek
    I got the shade Moonstone as I'm pale and I love it. It blends beautifully and it looks like the angels are shining there light on my cheek bones. Pricy but perfect.
    I would die without this now!
    Ughhh where to start! I bought this as it was recommended on a beauty blog by Jacelyn Hill on Youtube...and boy am I glad I listened! This powder is literally to die for...obvz not if you like a matte finish to your facial work of art as explained in the product name "shimmering". I have very fair skin so I went for seriously is great as a shimmery highlighter...very pigmented, so much so that I try to only use the little bits that settle on the mirror instead of actually dabbing into the palette. finishes off my look flawlessly and lasts ALL day! I am literally in LOVE with this!
    But that highlight though!!
    Nothing beats these highlighters! I am a known highlighting junkie and own SEVERAL. But these becca pressed shimmering skin perfectors are the ONLY ones I am always reaching for. I have deep tan skin and rose gold, opal, topaz, champagne pop suit me beautifully!
    Best highlighter on the market
    This highlighter is pure perfection
    Perfect highlighter with not too shimmer, which gives a gorgeous glow to my skin
    Gorgeous Glow
    Love this product, I have a serious highlighter problem and own a ridiculous amount but this has to be one of my favourites for giving an amazing glow, highly recommend
    in love!
    I love it so much. got mine in opal.. pigmented and beautiful
    Amazing product love it!!
    So pigmented only need the tiniest amount for a gorgeous sheen