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    Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed - Prismatic Amethyst
    This highlighter is an absolute fave. It is the perfect color for my pale skin and I am in love. I like the more natural highlighter look, but it is possible to build op the pigment.
    Not really shiny
    I love Becca cosmetics and Becca’s highlighters are the best for me. But I was really disappointed about this colour :( very pink and not so shiny like others.
    It's so beautiful and I like it so much! It's a great highlighter.
    This is definitely in my top 3 favourite highlighters. Highly recommend.
    Surprisingly in love
    I actually purchased this product on a spur of the moment "I'm desperate for a highlighter" shopping spree, and as such didn't pay too much attention to. I have quite pale, yet warm skin and after looking/researching the product in more detail, felt the pink tones would be too much for my complexion (I tend to go for a natural look). However, I've found it sits beautifully atop my Nars 'Liberte' blusher, and brings out just the right amount of shimmer and highlight to give that soft powdered, yet dewy glow. It's an absolute dream.
    Feels dry and it's not very pigmented.
    Even better than I could have imagined
    Pure gorgeous-ness just so so beautiful what an amazing shade of reflective light and a hint of purple it's just amazing so very happy with this as good of not better than Anastasia Beverly Hills xxx
    OMG Gorgeous
    This is such a beautiful shade, it's not purply at all. I have a warm neutral skin tone and love how this looks on me. I already had a gold highlighted for evening looks, I needed something for the day look, more like a pink shade highlighter and this did exactly that for me. I wear this for day looks, but even under the yellow light for night looks, it will look absolutely gorgeous. definitely worth it. SO happy with my purchase.
    This is a beautiful highlighter. In some lights it's more pink and in others more purple. It has a subtle hue and a fresh glow. I have light skin with natural/a little more yellow undertone and this does not look muddy or grey, incase someone worries about that. This highlighter makes you look healthy and more awake. Me personally is not that into highlighters with colourful hues, I'm more of a golden/champagne girl, but this one I just couldn't overlook. Buy this, you won't regret it!
    So Pretty
    This is the first powder highlighter I have ever purchased and I love it. I was sceptical at first considering I have medium to tan skin tone and I usually use golden liquid highlighters, however, this shade really made my cheekbones pop and added something special to my makeup look. The purple tint is not over the top - and comes up beautiful in photos. The perfect lux product.
    Fairy Dust
    This is the actual most perfect highlight I've ever ever owned (and I've seen a fair few) I can't believe it took me so long to get my hands on it! It's a perfect formula, the powder blends like a dream and the colour is to die for, suits my paper white skin perfectly. Gorgeous!
    Glowy Unicorn
    If you want to be a glowy unicorn this highlighter is for you! Although, it's not as buttery as my moonstone, this is still such a beautiful highlight, it's quite subtle but there's enough pigmentation for it to be noticed (does that make sense? Idk). Would honestly work for any skin tone!
    I will usually go for common highlight warm tones and this is my first ever cool tone and its purple!! I'm obsessed with how it looks on my blush. The packaging is da BOMB!! So glad that I snatched this <3
    Brings out your inner Tinkerbell
    Oh this is just beautiful. A gorgeous light pink glow with a lilac reflect. Sheer, blendable and oh, sooooo pretty. And the's like holding a previous jewel in your hands. Get this before it sells out.
    Unicorn heaven!!
    Amazing highlighter was a little sceptical about the purple tint against my skin tone but it looks lovely. Just the right shade!!