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    Pure Solid Cleanser
    Solid cleanser
    This is the best thing I’ve used to clean my make up brushes, it’s so easy definitely recommend love it.
    Nothing compares
    I have tried so many brush cleansers but nothing compares to this! It's gentle yet removes even the most stubborn makeup. Simply amazing.
    Game changer
    I clean my make up brushes weekly and have used many cleansers none of which have lived up to this one. I always struggled to clean my foundation and concealer brushes it would take me ages, not with this. Just swirl the brush into the soap, rub it with the pink scrubby thing it came with and it’s done, all out. Much easier than squirting liquid into brushes etc.
    Love Love
    I absolutely love this for cleaning my bb sponge and also my makeup brushes! It properly cleanses and gets rid of all left over makeup! So easy to use and literally takes a few minutes! Really worth the price tag!!
    Love this get beauty blenders really clean and brushes also and it's not a harsh cleaner but still it does the job.
    Honestly can't stress enough how good this is for money, cleans brushes really well and so easily. It's amazing how it also cleans my beauty blender, such a good buy and will definitely purchase again when I need to.
    It's the best
    It makes my sponges and brushes squeaky clean. A good cheap alternative though, is a greek green olive oil soap.
    Works great. The chassis is very handy because it helps cleaning tools and other side can be used to dry solid soap after cleaning. Big plus for being solid, so it doesn't need so much plastic packing.
    Love this
    Nothing gets my brushes clean like this, even after using black eyeshadow. A must have product.
    Best beautyblender cleanser
    Tried a variety of cleansers that never fully got out all the gunk in by beauty blender so this was life changing. It's easy to bring around, you don't use much and lasts ages.
    best brush and sponge cleaner
    This is better than any other liquid cleanser I've tried, even the beauty blender liquid cleanser! I find you need less soap, cleans much better, especially sponges and smells awesome, I don't buy any other soap anymore.
    Yes yes and yes!
    Such a great cleanser for my beauty blender - don't even attempt to clean yours with soap and hot water IT WONT WORK. Use the cleanser and some warm water! WORKS SO WELL!!
    Best cleanser
    I can't do my makeup without the beautyblender now. And this is the best cleanser to clean it. The beautyblender can last much longer when you used this to clean it.
    Easy to use, practical packaging, and... it does the job!
    Works perfectly
    This works wonders for both sponges and your brushes. I like the smell... can't seem to fault this in any way.
    Great at cleaning my beauty sponges
    If you think this is unnecessary and that there is a lot of cheaper dupes out there you are wrong. This soap cleans any beauty sponge like no other. It's simply amazing and lasts long. Plus you can sometimes get a free mini one to try when you order from Cult Beauty, and trust me you will be hooked!
    Best cleanser ever!
    I got a sample of this with a Cult Beauty order and I was really impressed. First of all, I thought it was genius because the sample size fits perfectly in the plastic cap of any beauty blender (don't know whether they did this on purpose but still!) package and this made it easier to carry the soap around with me on travels. Anyway, I use it to clean my beauty blenders and I feel like it's made the dreaded cleansing process so much quicker. Also, I got the impression you need less soap: in fact, I got my sample a couple of months ago and I still have a tiny bit left. I highly recommend it!
    So much better than shampoo!
    I used to wash my brushes with shampoo. I bought this soap on a whim. Turns out, it is just so much better than regular shampoo. It cleans brushes so much faster because the lather rinses out quicker than shampoo. I highly recommend this product!
    Best brush and sponge cleanser ever!
    I have tried so many brush shampoos and cleansers but this stuff is just brilliant! It removes all impurities easily and leaves the brushes nice and soft.
    Best soap ever!
    Got a small solid cleanser in a Cult Beauty goody bag. Never thought I will like solid soap to clean my brushes and sponge. But this is the best soap ever. It cleanses brushes and sponge very well and don't make them too dry. It goes a long way too. I will definitely repurchase this!