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    Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

    Cell Repair Night Oil

    Ruby Hammer

    Make Up ArtistNot just for night...
    Ruby Hammer
    Since its launch I have been enamoured with this oil, I use it not just at night but as a good pre-make-up step. I love the scent it really entices you to use it every day. You are left with a dewy glow without any heavy residue, allowing you to apply base over the top. Massage it in firm circular movements to ensure it sinks in.
    Not sure
    I normally good with any scents but this the most overwhelming I ever had in any product. I think it is too much as it gives me a headache from it. Although the serum feels very luxurious and nourishing. I hope I will get used to it despite the smell.
    Luxurious Night Oil
    I love this product. I purchased this after I using the Miracle Cleanser a few times and falling in love with it. I have sensitive combination skin. I travel and spend a lot of time in air conditioning and this product helps manage my manic skin, reducing redness, adding hydration and basically making it look dreamy the next day. I use it three times a week as a night time treatment. Depending on how dehydrated my skin is I might layer a night time moisture mask over the top for extra hydration. In the hotter months I can use it without a moisturiser and my skin still feels gorgeous in the morning. This one bottle lasts a long time and smells fabulous. The scent is gorgeous and calming. Will most definitely repurchase.
    Smells great & skin looks good
    My skin has been looking good since using the product and it smells great. The downside is that I travel often and the rubber on the top of the dropper doesn't tighten properly and is breaking, so the oil drips out and is wasted while dripping all over my things.
    What a surprise
    So glad I decided to splurge on this as it turned out to be such a surprising treat. Wasn't a fan of the smell initially as I prefer even more calming, herbaceous scents but it grew on me eventually. I use this as a serum and it smoothes out great, skin feels plump, soft and hydrated. I noticed my skin also looking a tad brighter the next day. I had assumed it was 30ml so was pleasantly surprised that it was more than that - bound to last for a long time and the cost per use is equivalent to some of the high end serums.
    Perfectly Happy
    I've been using this for probably a couple of years. I'm about to purchase my third bottle (they last pretty long!). I use it morning and night. It's just a great moisturizer. Never makes me break out. It really improves the appearance of my skin. I don't notice it anymore since I use it twice a day, but when I first started, I would think "wait, did I use my retin-A last night? My skin looks so much better". I would notice a reduction in inflammation and redness. I have no interest in trying other oils which is really saying something... give it a try!
    Perfect in combination with Luna Sleeping Night Oil
    I have dry and often irritated skin. But when I combine the Luna Sleeping Night Oil (first) with the Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil (second) my skin is so much better the next day. Especially on hot days, the combination of sunscreen and sweat leaves my skin very irritated. These two oils help to calm down everything very quickly and the smell is gorgeous.
    What a treat!
    This is an amazing oil. Glides on, smells amazing and excellent value. The bottle will last a long time. The skin feels hydrated, soft and clear the next day. I would use this every night but I do alternate with other night treats. This is definitely a treat to use.
    Well done Aurelia!
    I hummed and hawed before I purchased this oil recently. I have bought many "popular" oils, but few have impressed me. Aurelia Night Oil is one of the stars! I've used it exclusively since I bought this because it has become one of my favourite (if not THE favourite) night oil/moisturizer. I use about 4 drops for my entire face and it hydrates, plumps, and soothes. I find many oils are not as hydrating as they claim to be. I have to often supplement with a cream. But Aurelia stands well on its own. I take good care of my skin, so I don't expect to see any dramatic changes. But I can certainly say that I like the way my face feels the morning after I use Aurelia. Just that bit of extra radiance.
    Well, I bought this on a whim and am so glad that I did. The oil is beautifully packaged! I read the instructions which said to use a couple of drops each evening and apply to cleansed skin. The only problem for me is that the perfume is so beautiful, that just a couple of drops isn't enough. I use this day and night and have also dropped one drop onto my pillow as the perfume is so nice. It's a restful, feel good perfume. But what's even nicer, is that my skin feels great it's soft and my complexion looking more radiant, when before it was dry and lacking in life. Oh to have smaller sizes for travelling would be sheer bliss, making any plane journey a more enjoyable time. So, please, this is a great product, I love it and it really has made a difference!
    Holy Grail Product
    Aurelia produce some of the most gorgeous products on the planet and this doesn't fall short of perfection. My overnight oil of choice and fantastic value for money. I now have 3 friends already hooked with varying skin types and concerns. It sinks in beautifully and smells gorgeous. In the morning my skin is radiant and perfectly hydrated. It takes something special for other people to notice so much of a difference in my skin after only a couple of uses and comment regularly. Highly recommend!
    Lovely product!
    This lovely product is a mixture of oils, chosen for their different benefit of firming, hydrating and toning, and well as helping to prevent the effects of ageing. I found that using just a few drops a few minutes before moisurising left my skin more supple, hydrated, more healthy and radiant, and with slightly reduced redness. It sinks into the skin immediately, and does its magical work overnight.
    Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil
    This night oil is truly amazing. It will change the appearance of your decollete over night. After one use only I've noticed the improvement. Skin looks more even and younger. Highly recommended.