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    Beauty & The East

    Bewildered by the latest Asian innovations? We talk you through the buzz terms set to dominate the beauty conversation.


    Cushion compact foundation

    Sponges saturated with a skin-perfecting liquid base, Cushion Compacts are the future of foundation. They distribute just the right amount of product to achieve a flawless finish with minimal waste – and they’re perfectly portable.



    Sleep Packs (or Sleep Masks) are rich and reparative overnight treatments, formulated to infuse your skin with moisture and create a barrier between complexion and the dehydrating atmosphere. Use once or twice a week to top up skin cells’ reservoirs.



    The ‘fizzy water facial’ is an Asian sensation, in which carbonated water – often infused with brightening or clarifying vitamins or minerals – is used to deep clean pores, gently eliminate dead skin cells and boost oxygenation for super-soft, luminous skin.



    "One of the biggest buzzwords trending in beauty now is Essences. In a nutshell – Essences are the modern texture of serums. It’s generally thought of as more lightweight because the terminology was created in Korea and the texture of many Korean & Asian treatments tend to be more watery which help with faster absorption of products and easier layering for your skincare routine."

    Sarah Lee & Christine Chang, Cult Beauty’s Korean Beauty Experts



    Many South Korean products contain egg – specifically white and eggshell membrane – which are potent sources of skin-strengthening, pore-refining and anti-inflammatory amino acids, nutrients and growth factors, proven to restore skin to its super-smooth and flawless best.



    They might make you look terrifying in the short term, but Sheet Masks are fast gaining popularity because of their immediate effects. Cotton sheets infused with brightening, soothing or blemish-battling ingredients, they maximise absorption of the actives and help lock in precious moisture for a plumped and dewy finish.



    Naturally rich in hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes and copper peptides, snail extract (or snail mucin) is both protective and reparative – battling bacteria and simulating synthesis of skin-essential collagen to delay signs of ageing.