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    Anastasia Beverly Hills

    Glow Kit - Ultimate Glow
    I have medium pale skin so half the shades are too dark but I use them a contour and eyeshadow, all around amazing pallet and is with the money.
    Beautiful palette
    This is one of my favourite glow kits, coming in second to the Nicole Guerrero glow kit. It's perfect for summer, if you're pale like me, and perfect all year round for medium - dark skin tones. I love glittery highlighters, but I know a lot of people don't, so if you're more into a glow than glitter, I'd recommend getting a different ABH glow kit. However, this is also a great eyeshadow palette if you want to think of it that way!
    Nice colours but very glittery
    I really like this palette however it’s very glittery and has a lot of fallout.
    In love
    I'm in love with this palette. It is true that the palette is very glittery but I love it.
    Stunning Palette for Medium-Dark Skin Tones
    Absolutely love this palette!! It is perfect for medium-dark skin tones and only a little amount of product is required to get the perfect sculpted face. It is really hard not to go crazy with the shimmer as initially I was applying way too much product on my brush! With this palette a little certainly goes a long way.
    Great palette
    Despite the fact that I only use 'Snow' and 'White Sand', It is still a very good palette. The reason I only use them shades is because I have very pale skin and feel that these colours go best with my tone. The colours are pretty and shiny and look really good on a night out. My friends borrow it and love the result.
    Decent palette
    It is quite glittery but you can always use it as gold eye shadow. Nice gold shades.
    Too glittery
    I was so exited to order this, but was very disappointed. Colors are too glittery and definitely not the office highlighter you would use, probably would work for a night out.
    I love this palette so much. The colour white sand is my all time favourite highlighter, but I agree that some colours are a little too dark so I just use them as eyeshadow.
    Not worth the hype
    Snow and white sand are the only colours I use the rest are too sharp and don't come on smooth but instead patchy - wouldn't recommend.
    Worst ABH palette
    The product is not pigmented, instead you are left with large glitter pigment all over.
    I bought this product the week before Christmas and was so excited to try it out when it arrived. I was soooo disappointed. The colours are all so similar and way too glittery. It looks like a glittery mess on your cheeks. Only plus side to this pallet is the size of the pans.
    Having the sun dipped palette which was amazing, I had huge expectations for this one, sadly I was disappointed. No buttery pigment, just glitter. Waste of money. Do not recommend.
    I absolutely loved this. This highlighter kit gives you such a princess looking glow.
    Not great
    So disappointed In this pallett. Love the other ones from abh, this is not pigmented at all!
    This is too glittery :( waste of my money.
    I bought this product about 3 days before beauty gurus on YouTube such as manny mua said it was a disappointment. I was really annoyed but chose to try it anyway. The product is more glittery that a glow if I walk past a mirror it sort of looks like your kid just decided that you'd be prettier if they threw glitter at you. The colours are gorgeous but they need to work on the formula
    Gorgeous but not as pigmented as I'd hoped
    Lovely colours, can use multiple to blend them together for a really nice glow and when the light catches your cheekbones I find this to be slightly subtle but pretty too. I have Moonchild as well but find for whatever reason that the Ultimate Glow Kit (this one) doesn't have as good a pigmentation and I've seen other people say this on other reviews on here. Glad I'm not the only one to think this as I thought mine might've been defective for the price. Nevertheless I still use it and will continue to do so as I wear this when I want the glow to be a bit more subtle
    Not what i expected
    As soon as I saw this advertised i joined the wait list as I was so excited to purchase it. However I was very disappointed. All the colours look the same and you have to apply soooo many layers to even be able to see it. It makes my face just look like it has a streak of glitter on it. My sister has the other ABH 'that glow' pallet and that one is much better and would recommend that one. This is not worth the money and will not be buying again.
    I love this product! Its beautiful as a highlighter and even better as an eyeshadow! Perfect for a night out or an evening! The highlight is so sparkly and just perfect! Would definitely recommend purchasing.
    I mean, if you're more into a shimmer than a glow then this palette is great. The colours are beautiful but the formula is awful. It's way too glittery for me and no pigment whatsoever. For something called 'Ultimate Glow' it does not do that, waste of money
    The colours are absolutely stunning, but if you want to 'glow' then you'll need to pack this on. It's also very glittery and less 'shimmery' than expected. I wanted to LOVE this product and I'm happy to use it the palette until I hit pan but it's just not what I wanted. Quite dry and hard - not great for my dry-ass skin! The pigment isn't BAD it's just not what it looks like. These could be used as eyeshadows as a denser brush would soak up product more. Not worth the price point - £20 I wouldn't have been so annoyed.
    Don't bother buying
    Not as pigmented as the GLEAM or THAT GLOW, the formula isn't the same and it hardly shows on skin you have to build with the product too much.
    Beautiful, just needs some work
    I understand the glittery complaints but this palette just needs a little more work than other ABH glow kits. I've found it best applied with a small fluffy brush and blended out. I then go back in with my blush brush. Finished off with setting spray, you're left with a really beautiful glow. Don't use a fan brush!
    Was it worth it?
    I find it really hard to find a pigmented highlighter that will have the effect on me as it does with the girls in the tutorials. And I have to say, the best way to apply this without loosing much pigment was with a damp beauty blender that's loaded with product. Maybe its just my lighting or maybe its my way of applying but I just have never found a pigment like this on my skin before. I think this may have something to do with the glitter in the product that makes my cheekbones glow but what ever it is works! ESPECIALLY WHEN THE TOP LAYER IS WORN DOWN. This product reminded me more of a foil eyeshadow than a matte highlight but i was GLOWING. And that is all I really care about. My reason for marking it down however, is that the shades on the bottom row are all so similar, and i haven't used any of them. So despite the pans been a lot bigger than i anticipated it did make me question of this product is really worth the high price point.
    I waited for months to get my hands on this palette. However, when I finally got it, I quickly realized how bad it was. Not pigmented at all and there are so many big chunks of glitter in it. I am so sad that I spent my hard earned money on this when I could've bought something much better :(
    I had been waiting for so long to buy this palette and I was so excited to try it out. Once I swatched it, I was immediately disappointed. I very quickly realized that it is a very, very bad highlighter palette. It's not very pigmented and it has a lot of big glitter chunks which look absolutely horrible in day light. Would give this 0 stars if possible. So, so, so sad that I ever spent my money on this :(
    Bought this glow kit expecting high pigmentation as in the rest of her glow kits. The kit I received has little pay off and takes a long time to layer to a point where the highlighters are noticeable. Disappointing given how happy I have been with her other kits. Would not advise purchasing, I'd say to anyone thinking of purchasing that they should buy one of the others, as hard as they are too track down they are worth it. This kit is overpriced for the quality of the product you will receive.
    When I first got this kit I loved it, how big the pans where and the sparkle coming off all the shades. When I first tried it took me about 5/6 times to actually get the shade showing on my face its so glittery and not as pigment as the other kits. If you like glittery highlights this is the one for you. Although I'll still use it but in future apply setting spray or something to make it more visible.
    Stunning glow kit!
    I absolutely LOVE this glow kit ! Perfect for those who aren't afraid of a full on sparkle highlight.
    Let down
    I've wanted an Abh glow kit for so long but every time I went to look they had sold out! Joined the wait list for this one and as soon as it came in I snapped it up. But.... I am so disappointed with it! Considering the hype around the glow kits I thought this would be great but the pigment is rubbish, the shades apart from snow, are all too similar and there's not really any 'glow', just goes on glittery and patchy and to get a colour payoff you have to use quite a lot of product! Can't knock cult beauty's delivery though, ordered Wednesday before Christmas and received it on Christmas Eve!
    Glow Kit - Must Have!!
    Had this for christmas and I'm in LOVE. The pigment is great, although it's even better once the first layer has come off (if that makes any sense.) The pans are also huge, way bigger than I thought it would be. Definitely not for you if you like more of a matte highlight than a shimmer cos this is glittery AF. All shades are gorgeous, it's just a shame that Hot Sands (The bottom right one) is too dark on my pale skin tone, however I will still use it as an eyeshadow and maybe as a shimmery blusher for nights out. It seems pricey, but once you take into account all the positives, and none of the negatives it's really worth the price.
    Ultimate Glow Kit
    I really liked the colours online and when I opened it. However as soon as I swatched the first one, I knew I hated it. It's so glittery that there's barely any consistency. You need a lot of product to get any actual colour on your skin. I seriously do not recommend it, unless you're a professional make up artist who glams people for carnivals etc. and could do with the glitter.
    Had high expectations from this since everyone raves on about ABH highlighters, so when they announced they were finally stocking this, I signed up to the waitlist and bought it immediately after it came in stock. Very quick delivery- only took 2/3 days and it was the week leading up to Christmas, but the actual highlighters aren't very impressive, nor is the actual packaging. The highlighters aren't very pigmented and I wasn't overwhelmed by the quality. They were very glittery and did not give that glow, it just looks like a glittery shine. 4/6 of the shades look more or less the same but they are very pretty if you like a chunky glittery kind of look, and you have to build up the intensity anyway. I guess it's nice to have, but I wouldn't waste your money on this one.
    Disco ball glaze
    All of the shades in this kit are amazing, all of them!!
    I love this
    I bought this to try the samples and I love it, will buy full size now.
    Glow kit
    Amazing kit, so pigmented and long wearing, only criticism would be you can't really tell the shades apart once on the skin as all really similar and you end up mixing them together, but all in amazing xxx
    Not the same formula as the other glow kits!
    Had such high hope for this as the "that glow" glow kit is my fave highlighting palette I own. I was running low, so as soon as I seen this I bought it. It's just too glittery, not the nice beaming glow I am used to! If you don't like glitter in your highlights you will not like this !
    Glow kit
    This is really nice if your going to buy it, do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is so worth it everything to do with this kit is perfection really! Love it 10/10 for sure