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    Liquid Gold Supersize
    Love at first use!
    One of the only skincare products that you can actually see the results instantly the next morning! It’s been great for my acne scars, really brightens and tightens. Really simple and easy to use too.
    the best product i have ever used in my entire life
    Who ever you are, whatever your skin type YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE, NOW. I use it every other night as the directions on the bottle suggest and I wake up every morning and smile either because it was Liquid gold night last night and I'm glowing, or because I am excited that it is going to be liquid gold night. I cant believe no one told me about this product sooner. My skin tone has dramatically changed, it is smoother, pores more refined, oily skin doesn't rule my life any more and in turn it has given me a huge confidence boost and often I enjoy going make up free. The fact that it only costs £33 for a bottle is even more a reason to try it for your self because hand on heart I would pay treble figures for it (but shhh, don't tell them that) x
    It changed everything
    At first I was a bit scared to try acids because my skin is a little sensitive and I didn't want to increase the redness of my cheeks. However, I have 3 persistent dark spots that even with dermatological treatment never disappear, and with an increase in darkness I decided to give this product a try. It really is an excellent product. The improvement in my skin was really impressive, not only in terms of my dark spots but also the texture and added glow. In my case I have never found a product so effective, it really is a game changer.
    Saved my skin.
    Holy grail product. Got rid of 80% of my cystic acne. Since the frequency of my acne lowered and the size too. I still get them, but this definitely helped so much. Invest in this product.
    Love it. Great product.
    Nothing but Gold
    I was reluctant to try this out this on my skin even after reading all the amazing reviews and even after buying the product. It sat on my dresser for about a week before I gave it ago, the thought of putting a type of acid on my extremely sensitive dry and acne prone and acne scarred skin petrified me a little to say the least. However from that very first application the difference was absolutely outstanding and I can honestly say "I'm hooked". I use it every other night without moisturising afterwards, to only find my skin literally glow in the morning, For the first time in years I am comfortable and happy to go out without any make up on and still get comments on how good my skin looks. I have been able to go makeup free and can hand on heart say that the morning glow has continued well into my 3rd bottle - I can see why this product is a cult one. Never change this product.
    I am no newbie to glycolics. I am 48 years old and I use Biologique Recherche p50 (6 years now), Neostrata Step Up 15 AHA, biweekly glycolic peels, REN Glycolactic mask and a 3x per week Retin A addict. My skin was dry when I turned 40 and dehydrated and I must admit, my skin is in excellent condition now than in my 30's. I thought I had seen it all and decided to give into the hype and try Liquid Goal. SHOCK?!! One night...just one night and my skin was AMAZING! How can that be?? I was afraid with all my glycolic addiction I would wake up red and raw but took the plunge and just cannot believe it. I am an official convert. Will update in a month. I plan on using it on Mondays, Tuesdays Retin A, Wednesday NeoStrata, Thursday Liquid Gold, Friday retin A and Saturdays & Sundays REN Omega 3 serum or Avocado Oil, MadeCera and hydrating sheet masks. Let's see....
    The best product I've had
    I am male, and acne runs in the family. Even now, at the tender age of 41, I still get acne outbreaks. Less face, more the back and the upper arms. I used to experiment with highly concentrated AHA-A and AHA-B acids, which was way much cheaper and produced good results, but also left my skin in a condition that I wouldn't have dared to leave the house for a couple of days. This product contains the most banal glycolic acid at 5% concentration, but it really feels different. I don't know if it's the hydrolized silk or liquorice, but when I apply it overnight, I know I will not have to walk to work the next day red-faced and with chemical burns on my skin. I find it a bit pricey, if you buy the small size. I used to buy two bottles for the price of one (of course, it was a few euros more expensive), but the double size is the same value. I would still prefer to have two bottles, because one remains unopened when you start using the other. Just bought this for my sister, it was me who recommended it to her. Being male, I feel quite proud to recommend something for women.
    Perfect Name
    I bought this product thanks to Caroline Hirons and, MY GOD SHE WAS RIGHT. I know this is more of a treatment than an acid toner so I do only use it every second day, but for me, the results have been even better than some pricier products: zero breakouts, softer skin, more even skin tone. Two weeks in and I know this would be a staple in my skincare for years to come. Word of advice, I have oily/acne prone skin which is also very though and can handle most acids and prescription retinols and I do need to use a good face oil and moisturizer so use with caution if you have more sensitive skin.
    Liquid Gold
    I have very acne-prone skin, getting at least one breakout every few days. I had tried almost EVERYTHING to stop getting so many spots on my face and it started to get so frustrating. I stumbled upon Alpha H Liquid Gold and read tons of amazing reviews about this product and really wanted to try it out. I didn't actually buy this to sort out my acne issues but I bought it mainly because I was on the hunt for a chemical exfoliant that would help with my dry skin and would help to give me some radiance and glow. I've been using it as instructed - every other night - for about two months now. Down side first: if you're hoping to see a massive difference in your skin thinking that it'll make you more radiant and glowy etc. then you might be disappointed as it didn't really do much for me in that regard BUT it totally improved my acne-prone skin! Since using this, I have not had a single breakout on my face (which is so rare for me). I have no idea what's in this thing that's helping me so much with my acne but whatever it is, I'm not complaining! I LOVE this to prevent breakouts. Sure it's rather pricey but this is literally the only thing I have found that stops me from breaking out like crazy. LOVE LOVE LOVE
    I'm a huge fan of Alpha H. The first time I used liquid gold I saw results. Unlike some products this definitely does what it says, and more! It's so quick and easy to use, and you don't need to use much. It might seem like it's pricey but it lasts for ages! I can't recommend it enough :o)
    So surprised
    I can't quite believe how much I love this product. I was initially reluctant to buy it as it's a little pricey but wow the difference it has made to my skin makes it worth every penny. My skin is clearer, brighter and my acnes cars are fading for the first time ever. Takes a bit of time to see the results but it's worth the wait. I admit that I sometimes forget to use it because it's meant to be used every other night.
    Can't recommend highly enough!
    Has made a huge difference in the overall radiance and tone of my skin. Using a gentle cleanser, this as an acid toner, and finishing with Sunday Riley Luna keeps my skin looking at least 15 years younger than its actual age. Ok, thank you Mom, for some good DNA, but I couldn't give it its due without some Alpha H!
    I only use this on my T - Zone twice a week - I have very sensitive combination skin (very oily T-zone) with rosacea - and Liquid Gold has 5% glycolic acid. Good product BUT be careful :)
    I use this 2-3 times a week, and always see a difference the next morning. I have acne prone skin, and this is brilliant for taking down spots. My skin looks clearer since using this, so I will definitely be re-purchasing when I finish my bottle.
    Does what it says on the tin!
    This famous cult product lived up to expectations! This is my second bottle, it's easy to use, effective and gets results. Easy to add to your nightly routine every second night and follow with an oil or moisturizer if I need some hydration otherwise I just finish with the Liquid Gold for a stronger treatment. The price point is also excellent considering how long it lasts. Cannot record this enough!
    Good for all
    I love this product. I have oil combination skin, which is weirdly sensitive to a lot of cosmetic products. This usually makes battling breakouts extra difficult. So Alpha H Liquid Gold was a game changer for me. I use it overnight whenever I get breakouts or just need to refresh my complexion and it literally transforms my skin. Nothing nicer than waking up with all the skin problems gone or significantly diminished. My mother also loves this product, even though she uses it to battle completely different issues. Either way, while it has a different effect on her skin, it seems to be working brilliantly for her too.
    Alpha Liquid Gold
    I love love, love this product! It has done absolute wonders for my 52 year old skin; hyperpigmentation, gone, enlarged pores, gone, blemishes and fine lines, gone, gone gone. Everyone tells me I look ten years younger. I now order a new bottle when I'm only halfway through as I have developed a real horror of being without this. I must say, though, that I was not impressed by its sister product - to be used on alternate nights - it's a total waste of money. But this? Buy it. If you can afford nothing else, buy this. And always use with a hot cloth wash prior to application. The result? Incredibly beautiful, soft, radiant skin!
    new staple
    I use it every other night, just a light coat all over the face and it truly is magical! I will definitely be repurchasing this again.
    Truely Cult
    This was one of the first products on our original list when Jess and I were starting Cult Beauty. Everyone I've ever recommended it to has adored Liquid Gold; for acne, for hyperpigmentation, for general blemishes, for fine lines, for dull skin. This product redresses all of the main problems people have with their skin, without a luxe price tag. And now it comes super-sized as well as supercharged.