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    1A Overnight Mask
    Fantastic product!
    I LOVE this product. Quickly after I started using it, I noticed my acne scars fading faster than before, and some fine wrinkles being plumped out. It also did not irritate my face despite having somewhat sensitive skin with occasional eczema. I don't entirely know how to explain what this does to my face, but I can say my face just looks better with this product. If I was allowed only one skincare product, I would definitely pick this!
    NOT for sensitive skin!!
    I have semi-sensitive skin, and it has been a long time since a product really didn't work for me. I got a sample of this and was excited because of all the great reviews but after about 5 minutes of this being on my face, my whole face and neck were BRIGHT red. It also felt like my face was on fire. I couldn't use cold enough water to cool it down and my face continued burning for 15 minutes after I washed it off. Hoped I would love this to help with my texture, but if you have sensitive skin or even semi-sensitive skin I'd get a sample or stay away from this!
    It was alright
    It didn't break me out however it wasn't amazing. It didn't clear my skin nor did it hydrate my skin. For me it is overpriced.
    Stand out Product
    If you're going to purchase one product from this range, makes sure it's this one! I was sceptical about the instant results claim but I took the plunge and bought the 3 step range and after using this for one night my skin looked less irritated, more radiant and the bumps on the surface had dramatically reduced! I wasn't overly keen on the mist and the all-day mask is nice but nothing special, the overnight mask however is a STAR product! Recommended to all my friends no matter their skin type!
    Instant results
    I've never used a cream or mask that helped my skin this quickly. The little bumps on my forehead were gone by the time I woke up in the morning. It makes your skin look well hydrated but not oily. The texture is light, it smells natural and it definitely works. Overall a great product!
    Good, but overpriced
    I bought this because I have dehydrated, oily skin with hormonal acne. I had read that this would help acne, but it hasn't made much of a difference. That's not to say that this a bad product, oh goodness no! This is a really lovely night cream. I wouldn't say that it is thick or rich enough to be a called a mask and I still prefer to use this to lock in my other serums, which I think defeats the purpose of the apparent potency of the ingredients. I love the ingredients and the brand premise, but I just think I need a bit more from a moisturiser especially at the heavy price. I would definitely recommend trying out the sample sachets first to see if you can tell a big enough difference in your skin to warrant the price.
    Overnight miracle
    Lovely, lovely mask with instant results for my sensitive and reactive rosacea skin. Wish it was available in a smaller size as it is an expensive purchase.
    I've never felt moved to write a review until now! I love love love this mask. It's such a gorgeous consistency and it's so nice to use. I've been using it for a little over 2 weeks now and I can honestly say that my skin looks so much better for it. Other reviews mention a glow and I can only confirm this. i have dry patches and this mask has also resolved these whilst smoothing and evening my complexion. Amazing product!
    This is the first time I've ever written a review for a product. I am beyond impressed! My sister and mom are both using this now. It's insanely effective. My skin is so much smoother. It used to be pretty oily, and this has somehow been able to regulate the sebum production, so much so, I can safely call my skin normal?!? That's insane for me! Also, it calms down any emerging pimples, and some of my stubborn whiteheads have diminished? As for any discoloration/hyperpigmentation, I haven't a huge difference, yet, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to see results soon. I've also been using this in conjunction with the Mabel + Meg Lumilixer Serum, which has been the ultimate combo for me. Recommend!!!
    Overnight results
    I bought this as part of the Allies of Skin set and this is the only product I would repurchase. The spritz and morning mask are both fine, but do not give results like this mask! It's a nighttime moisturiser (labeled a mask) which actually performs rather than simply hydrating. It has helped enormously with patchy skin and light acne scars and hydrates really well. Will definitely repurchase.
    Transformed my skin in mere days...
    I use good skincare, I drink a lot of water and now I will never be without this brand. From the first use, my skin had the cliched 'lit from within' glow. My husband was leaving for work and turned to me, and told me my skin looked great - my skin! Lol. The mask is a pleasure to use, and I look forward to using it and seeing the after effects in the morning. I bought it as part of the 24/7 kit and I'm so glad I have all three as they work in unison together. Were in not for my inevitable dark circles, I would be confident to go without concealer/foundation, my skin is that good after using this for a few days.
    Oh. My. God.
    I got a couple of samples of this in my Cult Beauty Goody Bag and didn't think much about it. Then I tried it on a whim one night...and came back and purchased the full size on the spot. It's like wiping a dusty photograph in the attic to reveal an Old Master. I have fresh acne-scarring from a recent breakout, and this is helping soften the harsh edges of the scars. A couple of doses of microdermabrasion, and I'll be back to my usual texture.
    Instant Results
    This is hands down the best overnight mask/moisturiser I have ever used. I apply in the evening at the end of my regular routine and my skin instantly feels calmer, softer and hydrated. When I wake up in the morning it looks like I've had a full eight hours sleep even if it's actually been three or four (thanks uni). Dry/eczema patches have disappeared, blackheads are not exacerbated and my skin glows. I could not recommend this highly enough and am off to purchase a backup now.
    Amazingly potent!
    I have had recurring problems with dull, patchy skin that is always plagued with stubborn clogged pores and hormonal spots. The 1A Overnight mask has really helped to brighten my skin and has dramatically worked to lighten the scars left by previous spots and clogs. Furthermore, after I've had a big night out, I slather this on and wake up glowing and looking like I've had 15 hours of beauty sleep. The mask is amazingly gentle, a creamy balm that your skin just drinks up. But don't be fooled by this! This is potent stuff that really works.
    You'll get addicted!
    I love this, I have combination skin and I'm forever frustrated with my skin, dull, clogged pores dry patches it can be a pain. But I've used this about 7 times and my skin has really turned a corner. I also got a sample of the day mask, not very good in mid heat summer but it adds a lovely glow and doesn't clog pores. A great brand, once again cult beauty you bring the best brands x
    The most incredible mask I've ever used!!
    I cannot rate this highly enough!! I was apprehensive at first as it sinks into your skin so quickly (I like a thick mask feel), however when I woke up my redness from past blemishes had almost GONE, my enlarged pores had GONE and I was left with smooth, supple hydrated skin! (I have combination skin) I can't wait to buy the other two products!! I'm so excited to use this mask again tonight!
    This range is a godsend for busy people who don't want to spend ages layering products onto their face in order to achieve good skin. I am of the 'turn your bathroom into a lab' school of beauty, which is why I started a beauty business. But not everyone is like me and sometimes even I have to rush things; this is what I turn to and the results are gratifyingly quick. It's great for travelling sleezy-jet because it doesn't so many thing in one it's perfect for measly baggage allowances. 1A Overnight mask has so many check boxes I dare you to have the patience to read all of them... Brightening, fortifying, intensively hydrating, blemish and acne clearing, clarifying, hyperpigmentation leveling, gender-neutral, wrinkle-smoothing, nourishing, sexifying (ok I just added that to see if you are still reading :) and designed to erase the effects of a hangover on your skin. Use the Spritz first, then this and then go to sleep. Wake up looking like you eat nothing but steamed Kale and drink 20 litres of water a day ;)