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Advanced Face Firming Activator By {Perricone MD}

Advanced Face Firming Activator

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      Camilla Peace
      Surface like glass
      I'm not in the wobbly jowls territory yet, but the mid 30's is setting in and I've found my skin has been loosing its youthful surface texture and light reflection. I've been using this with the Face Finishing Moisturiser because I have very dry skin and need an extra boost to any moisturiser I use. The surface of my skin is positively glowing after a week and the surface looks different, smoother and more of a single tone. It sinks in quickly so you can apply the moisturiser straight away to save vital morning minutes in bed!!

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  • Dr. Perricone recommends applying in the morning to the face and neck in a gentle circular motion, making sure to massage up to the hairline and behind the ears. Follow with a moisturiser, Percone's Cold Plasma Face and Face Finishing Moisturisers work really well with this product.