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    Idole de Lubin By {Lubin Paris}

    Idole de Lubin

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      • PR consultant
        Fewer Wrinkles than my mother
        Riot-causing perfume
        I ticked the box to receive a small sample of Idole de Lubin and I'm half glad and half sad I did! Sad, because I've never spent £100 on perfume before, glad because it is THE most deep-throated, sensual, warm, spice island smell. I give in!
      • LadyDee
        Gorgeous masculine scent, truly mesmerising. I love the way my other half smells with this on, it stops me in my tracks every time!!

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    • Spray a small amount on your pulse points, one squirt should last 6-7 hours. do not expose to heat or direct light, like in a car under the sun, if you can keep the bottles in their boxes, keep away from naked flames.