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Exfoliating Marvel Gel with Green Tea By {Ginvera}

Exfoliating Marvel Gel with Green Tea

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    • Peter Sherlock
      {}Peter Sherlock
      Hooked for life!
      Once you’ve used this, you’re hooked for life. It’s magical. A clear, soft transparent cool gel that - when rubbed gently - suddenly starts to remove any dead skin. You watch, in a mixture of horror and awe, as all impurities roll into tiny balls that you just splash off your skin. You’ll be getting it out at parties, trust me. My favourite beauty product of all time.
    • Jess
      Again I'm a bit sceptical about this product and whether the "peeling" is a gimmick. It reminds me of the silicone trick used by the product companies in shopping centres. I'm not sure how it works and what it is peeling. My skin looks a little dehydrated after use.
    • Helen
      Almost good
      This exfoliator is quite extraordinary in the way it works and I found it did partially help with blackheads. Dead skin was removed but not noticeably. Sadly I have sensitive skin and this product just caused my skin to go crazy. I don't know what it was but people with sensitive skin should be warned. It was a standard exfoliator with a cool trick until it caused a 2 week long rash.
    • Lou1s3
      Don't expect miracles..........
      I had high hopes for this, particularly after reading numerous glowing reports praising its effectiveness; unfortunately however, I've been left disappointed. Whilst it does temporarily reduce the appearance of blackheads, it doesn't provide a permanent solution and it my opinion, offers results no more impressive than many drugstore facial scrubs/face masks.
    • Em
      Really impressed. So easy to use and makes skin so smooth. It also make the products you put on after so much more effective because they can really sink in properly. Also, it doesn't aggravate breakouts. I will not be without this from now on.
    • Moongirl
      What a disappointment
      After reading all the glowing reviews and as a lifelong blackhead sufferer I felt compelled to try this Marvel Gel. I've given it plenty of time to work it's 'magic' but 2 months later I am as underwhelmed as I was at the start. Yes, it makes my skin feel softer (but so do numerous skincare products) and yes, there is a temporary reduction in the appearance of blackheads but this is just what so many so-called pore clearing products do. They clear the top layer of a clogged pore which is accessible and that takes the dark top of a blackhead away but it still leaves the pore beneath clogged. So within a few hours, the contents of the clogged pore oxidises with the air again and voila your blackhead returns.
      So, feeling disillusioned with pore cleansing products, I've tried a completely new approach. I stopped using the gel and just kept to my tried and tested skincare routine but I changed my diet. For the first time in my life I completely cut out ALL processed sugar from my diet. I continued to eat everything else including plenty of fruit but stopped eating anything with refined sugar....including (sadly) alcohol. The results have been a revelation. Inside of 2 weeks my skin has been clearer than it has EVER been. My pores have reduced in size and I have barely any congestion and therefore blackheads. Everyone has commented on my skin looking good. It is certainly true that what you put into your body has a direct result on the health of the skin as well as everything we can't see on the inside. My hair and nails are also greatly improved. And the cellulite has gone from my thighs! In short, refined sugar is toxic. Avoiding it has been the best beauty decision I've ever made.
    • Sara
      First product EVER to actually remove blackheads!
      Having used all the different exfoliating products money can buy for twenty-odd years now, this is the first time that I notice blackheads acutally disappearing. Already after having massaged this light green, inoffensive gel over my face for the very first time (and it did not sting or feel in any way uncomfortable), I noticed a very visible reduction of impurities in my fair combination, surface-dry, first-signs-of-ageing, over-sensitive complexion. And it's affordable, too! The prospect of never having to take on the disgusting task of (because, let's face it, that's what it takes) "manually removing" blackeads again looms before me. Thank you, Cult Beauty, and please DO NOT discontinue!
    • Jacqui
      Fantastic exfoliator, but gets used up fast...
      I've just purchased what I think is my third or fourth tube of this product. I get very bad congested skin and this is probably the best thing I have used to clear up my blackheads. It still doesn't clear them completely, but comes closer than most. In addition it is really very gentle, my skin is also quite sensitive and yet I can use this every day without any problems.

      My only issue is that I get through it extremely quickly, the tube is not brilliant and delivers a lot of product, but once you get to the end it is tricky to get the last few bits out. Also I wonder if I use it more than intended, but like other reviews have said this stuff is pretty addictive!
    • JACK15
      I bought this Exfoliator because I get Milia quite badly and have tried everything but nothing worked until now. I have used it for about just under two weeks and the Milia has almost gone. In my opinion once you try this you won't want or need any other Exfoliator. It is gentle but very effective. Try it, you will never look back!
    • -
      Perfect for sensitive skin
      I use retinol which makes my skin very dry and sensitive. This product gets rid of the flaky skin without causing any irritation. I'm left with smooth, glowing skin and also the creams I apply afterwards sink in very well. Love it and will definitely repurchase!
    • Alessandra Steinherr - Glamour Beauty Director
      I am HOOKED & you will be too
      This is one of the best beauty discoveries I've made recently - and has totally transformed my skincare routine. it feels a bit jelly-like when you rub it over your skin, yet it literally hoovers out your pores and pulls out all the black-heads, blockages, makeup grime or whatever else got stuck in there.
    • Bossy Boots
      My husband gets the worst blackheads and whiteheads on his nose and just doesn't notice them, until I finally crack and kick his arse to do something about it.

      This gel really seems to help. The first time he used it it didn't get it all out, but there was a lot there. If he uses this twice a week they just don't appear, which makes him so much more handsome. Thank you Marvel Gel!
    • -
      It's OK...
      Being an exfoliator /masque/cleanse freak - this sounded too good to be true, so I decided to try this out after reading about it in different blogs. I have combination skin on the oily side (now in the summer time). The gel is light green that turns into weird flakey bits when it hits your skin. It doesn't happen on your fingers, so I suspect the gel reacts to sebum. There is a little menthol in the gel, but it only gives a refreshing feeling, nothing minty at all and it is very gentle. The gel is packed with extracts, but I am not sure that massaging the gel in for only a minute is enough for the skin to absorb the goodies. It contains silicone, which I suppose contributes to the "gommage" experience. I've used it for a month, and have to say it made me break out in places I don't normally break out. (I quit my Alpha-H Liquid Gold to give this a proper try out). I feel this would work well for people with extremely sensitive or dry skin and also for makeup artists who need to refresh skin for a skin prep. It won't however take over from my physical or chemical exfoliators. It just doesn't get deep enough to give me that proper clean. I've started using this in the mornings instead and it is great as a pick me up, giving my face a massage to start the day. Will I buy this again? Don't think so.

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  • With this product a little goes a long way, so only apply a small amount of the gel evenly to cleansed, dry skin and massage gently with your fingertips for a minute, or until the gel is dry (it drys to a slightly flaky paste). Rinse with plenty of water. Use in the evening every one or two days depending on how congested your skin is.