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SolarOil Cuticle Oil By {Creative Nail Design}

SolarOil Cuticle Oil

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    • Andrea Fulerton
      {Nail Expert}Andrea Fulerton
      Proven to Work Time & Again
      Great price and a smell that doesn't go 'urgh' like other nail oils. Proven to work time and time again - this isn't overly oily and soaks straight in to keep nails strong and resilient.
    • Isabelle
      Amazing product
      I had a lot of breaking and flaking of my nails but since I started to use this oil, my nail look great and healthy, there is no more flaking. I strongly recommend it!!
    • Comms Director
      Just wanted to say...
      Best Cuticle Oil in the world - Miricle Mani in a bottle..

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  • Sweep the brush across all 10 nails coating them in SolarOil - rub gently into the nail and the surrounding soft tissue! Use as often as you like!