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Regenerating Collagen Gel By {Resultime by Collin}

Regenerating Collagen Gel

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      Sleeping beauty mask
      I bought the smaller size to try it out and after a week I got the full size one. I use it mostly as a sleeping mask and it helps improve my skin. I do not have deep wrinkles but it softens the fine lines and helps making my skin feel better. I'm loving it this summer, my skin is usually so dehydrated and in bad shape due to the warm weather and this is the only thing that helps.
    • Scout
      Great idea, seems to work but a LOT of fragrance...
      I like the facelift that's happened to Resulttime and the change in packaging has done to the more old fashioned Collin brand. Also that they seem to gear towards innovative products, which is always fun! This is sort of a serum in quite a pleasant gel form that supposedly should have some effect on your collagen production... Sounds maybe a tad bit too good to be true, but I am a hopeful person, so we will see. A couple of months of use of this product will for sure not be enough to be able to say anything about that. The hyaluronic acid content does however boost whatever moisturiser I put on after. So it feels good so far!

      One thing though. This has a very strong fragrance! A perfumy kind of strong scent, that I really wonder why they have infested this otherwise so clean and well balanced product with? Fragrance/perfume is listed in the middle of the ingredients list, which means this is not a scent that comes from any of the active ingredients but is added for a fragrant effect... Personally I would have preferred it to be fragrance free even if that would mean a slightly unpleasant scent... It seems counterproductive to fill a collagen repairing product with fragrance that potentially would harm the very collagen production they are trying to repair...

      So far it has not irritated my skin in any visible way, but I don't know what kind of impact or counter impact the fragrance might have in the long run. Had it not been for this, I would easily have given this a 5 star... My skin is somewhat sensitive, mild rosacea under control most of the time and used to a lot of active ingredients for reference. If more sensitive than me, I would tread with caution and ask for samples before buying.
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      Keira Cull
      You'll love this product!
      A friend uses this product and raves about it. When I saw it on Cult Beauty I thought I would give it a go. What an extraordinary product! My dull, tired skin seems to have a new lease of life, it's bright, and has springy feel to it, (even my boyfriend noticed a difference in my skin!) well done Cult Beauty this is a real gem, I love love love it!
    • -
      this product is fab!
      I love this product it's defo a must have for anyone who wants to see a difference in their skin in 2 weeks! :)
    • MD
      cant recommend it enough
      so pleased this hero product is on Cult beauty, i really couldn't live without it, from showing very quick results, reducing fine lines and brightening my skin to soothing sun burn. it's a total must have product!
    • -
      My must have!
      This really has become my beauty must-have! I use it everyday and I am always being complemented on my bright, smooth complexion, which is amazing having just turned 50! I am a mum of 3 and sometimes don't have the time to pamper myself but with the collagen gel I can apply as a sleep mask and it works whilst I sleep, which is ideal for me! I'm so glad to see its available on cultbeauty and would recommend to everyone!
    • Caroline Hirons - Beauty Blogger
      I use this probably once a week at the moment, after a clay mask to counteract any possible dryness and to rehydrate and smooth. I imagine I’ll step it up more in the winter – it really does what it says on the box – namely plump, hydrate, tone and repair. It’s something I would recommend for all skin types… L.O.V.E.
    • Hazel25
      Love it!!
      Love, love, love this product! I have oily acne prone skin and since using this my blemishes have significantly reduced and I have less scaring from fresh breakouts. I will not be able to live without this now.
    • -
      One of the best anti-ageing product I've ever used. Leaves my skin glowy, non-greasy, hydrated and extremely 'bouncy'.

      I would recommend using this under a moisturizer , as a treatment 'serum'-gel day and/or night. When I use this in the day, I find that it rejuvenates the skin and looks great with sunscreen on top. When I use this at night, I tend to use a little bit more to allow the skin to recover and renew itself throughout the night - leaves your skin BEAUTIFUL when you wake up - THIS, I promise you! My ultimate must-have! Holy Grail product!
    • Turquoisethread
      Wonderful product
      I recently received a sample of this with my CultBeauty order, and I have to say that I was very impressed! After using it for about a week, I could really see a difference in my skin -- it looked a lot more radiant and healthy, and was also no longer as dehydrated as before. I just wish it was slightly cheaper, or that it came in a smaller size -- 47pounds seems a bit excessive, even if it is a top notch product.
    • Vanessa A
      Beware if sensitive to fragrance
      Incredibly highly perfumed with a sickly mock-passion fruit and plastic scent and makes my skin itch. Avoid if you have skin that is very sensitive or prone to redness, and also if you are sensitive to fragrance.
    • -
      Skincare junkie
      Resulttime by Collin regenerating collagen gel
      Amazing stuff, after one use my skin was smoother and looked a lot calmer. Lovely gel texture, easy to put on and disappears into the skin immediately. Really a hero product to always have in the cupboard.

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  • Apply in the morning to clean, dry skin in a fine layer and massage into the skin, follow with your usual moisturiser. In the evening apply a thicker layer to clean, dry skin 10 minutes before bed, including around the eyes and over the lips. While you sleep the gel will work!