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Micellar Radiance Cleansing Water By {Resultime by Collin}

Micellar Radiance Cleansing Water

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    • PrettyMeBlog
      Holiday Hero!
      I am constantly on the lookout for multi-use products, and this certainly ticks that box! This product removes my make-up, cleanses and tones all at the same time. It’s great for when I am going away and have limited space in my bag, as well as when I go to the gym! It feels super light on my skin, just like water – I would absolutely recommend this product!
    • mermaidrose
      I am really surprised about the other reviews - I think it is a really disappointing product. It classes itself as a one-step cleanser and toner but it is a poor cleanser - I don't wear a huge amount of make-up but it doesn't seem to get it off, and you end up using so much and it takes so much product, it doesn't save time or effort.
    • Moonbaby
      Gym bag must have
      This product is my gym bag must have! Quick, simple and effective.
    • -
      My travel essential
      I always keep this product on me when travelling or for when I get in after a night out, as its not only quick and easy to use for removing all of my make-up but the fact that it cleanses, tones, brightens, exfoliates and hydrates is perfect! I love that I no longer have to carry lots of products around with me and I would highly recommend!
    • managing director
      K. Shuba
      just hit 40
      I am a cleanse and tone kind of girl, but i have this for late nights and gym bag and holidays, it is a cant live without kind of product, a great find recomended to me origioanlly by a beauty professional.

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  • Apply to a damp cotton wool pad and wipe over the face, neck and eyes. Repeat until cotton pad is clean and follow with your preferred moisturiser.