You know when you come across design so well thought through it momentarily makes you feel like everything is OK with the world? I’ve just had one such moment, and it is dedicated to the latest Philips Sonicare Toothbrush. It’s genius and this is why we’ve just launched it on the site!

Some bright spark at Philips noticed that for convenience people keep their toothbrushes in a glass by the sink, the brush to clean, the glass to gurgle. They have added a super-safe electric dock under the glass so that when your DiamondClean is resting in there it is charging. The glass also comes away from the dock so it can be used in the normal way. This toothbrush also comes with a protective carry-case that charges the brush from your computer. Geek swoon!

Then they added super-speed sonic technology to the brush with varying wavelengths to suit different needs (clean, sensitive, whitening, gum care & polish). It’s so effective that your teeth still have that just-brushed feeling when you wake up in the morning. The sonic vibrations take about a week to get used to if you’ve never used an electric toothbrush before, but with this little tool you’ll be dentist’s pet in no time. alexia inge