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Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak By {Mio}

Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak

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    • Alice Hart-Davis
      {Beauty Journalist}Alice Hart-Davis
      Great name, great product
      I think I’d buy it just for its name, even if it wasn’t such a great product. I don’t get round to lounging in the bath as often as I’d like but this is a favourite when I do, and I have to say I love the company and its ethos (fit skin for life) just as much as its skincare offerings.
    • Refinery29
      January is always the month we kick-start our fitness regime. To soothe tired, sore muscles, we love to immerse ourselves in a steaming, hot bath containing a capfull of Mio's Liquid Yoga bath soak. It contains an incredible blend of essential oils to relax the mind and body. Just don't fall asleep in the tub!


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  • Pour a good glug into a warm running bath. Take your time, stretch out and clear your mind. Then step out of the bath, feeling brand new and ready to face the world again.

    Liquid Yoga is blended with magnesium-rich Epsom Salts so you will need to SHAKE BEFORE USE.