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Natural Insect Repellent Moisturiser By {Alfresco}

Natural Insect Repellent Moisturiser

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    • Betty boob
      Excellent product
      Used this when I went to Scotland & the midges stayed away, YAHOO!
    • Senior Editor National Newspaper
      Georgia Gatsby
      An amazing product. Am just about to buy my third bottle. Smells divine and really does keep the mozzies away - and, incidentally, it also lasts from one year to the next. Best of all: no nasty chemicals. If this were in sale in the high street, I bet it would walk off the shelves.
    • PR consultant
      Fewer wrinkles than my mother
      Totally brilliant
      I can't think why someone hasn't thought of the brilliant idea of combining insect repellant and moisturizer before. And this is a superb product. It does exactly what it says on the tin; it is absorbed very easily; and it smells delicious. Job done!

      I was given a bottle before leaving for Thailand and used it every evening - wasn't bitten once. Then when we flew to Lao, I forgot I had it in my backpack - and it was taken away at the airport. I haven't been so miserable for ages.
    • -
      Truly Lovely!
      We have a home in Spain & my poor hub usually gets bitten to bits - whatever repellent he wears. Not with this stuff: not a single bite! Lovely & moisturising & I personally think it smells GORGEOUS! The scent just reminds me of warm, (bite free) balmy nights.

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  • Always shake bottle gently before use to create a synergy of fragrance. If used in conjunction with a suntan product, put Alfresco on first. Apply to face and body every 3 hours for maximum protection or when skin is dehydrated. This product is fine to use on children and babies, always do a little patch test first.